January 15th, 2009
07:34 PM ET

Plane Crash…all our worst nightmares

Editor's Note: Tune in to hear more from Dr. Saltz on today's plane crash tonight on AC360° at 10pm ET.

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/US/01/15/new.york.plane.crash/art.plane.pukelis.irpt.jpg caption="iReporter Julie Pukelis put a camera in front of a telescope to get this view of the scene in the river."]

Dr. Gail Saltz
Psychiatrist and AC360° Contributor

Most people have some apprehension about flying. Despite the fact that many more people die in car crashes, people are far more afraid of flying…which is related to heights, something we are almost hardwired to fear.

This means that people involved in the US Air crash as well as others who are learning of or viewing the crash are potentially going to have psychological aftermath. There will be those who fare well, who feel in fact elated to have come out of such a tragedy and won’t be afraid to fly. There will however, be those who felt terrified, thought they may die and they are going to need attention and follow up because they are more likely to develop post traumatic stress disorder.


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January 15th, 2009
06:05 PM ET

Plane crash: The psychological impact

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/US/01/15/new.york.plane.crash/art.plane2.news12.jpg caption="The plane entered the water Thursday afternoon following a failed takeoff, the FAA says."]

Matt Sloane
CNN Medical News Producer

I just spoke with Dr. Charles Raison, Director of the Mind/Body Institute at Emory University, and a Psychiatrist. Here are some quick notes from our conversation:

Dr. Raison said that the psychological impact of an event like this is likely to be overwhelming. He added that humans have an inherent fear of heights, and this is their worst fear come true. He also said that more people die in cars than in planes, but most of us don’t fear driving. Everyone has a healthy dose of apprehension about flying.

Dr. Raison said data show that the people who are “hysterical” now, are likely to the ones with long-term psychological complications. It'ss largely a myth that the ones who are taking it in stride now will “feel it later.”

He said some people will walk away from this experience feeling like heroes, regaining faith in the human condition. Others will look back at how they acted – pushing and shoving – and feel guilty for not helping others. Others will be a complete psychological mess.

See full notes below:


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January 15th, 2009
05:13 PM ET

Photos of the plane crash

These photographs were taken from the west side of Manhattan.

Taken from an office window on the 11th floor of 601 West 26th Street in Manhattan.

Taken from the inside of a car sitting in traffic on Manhattan's West Side Highway as the plane was going down.

A photograph taken from a terrace overlooking the Hudson River.

Another view of the plane from a terrace on the west side of Manhattan.

Click here to see more photos from iReporters.

January 15th, 2009
04:50 PM ET

Passenger heard a 'loud bang'

Passenger Alberto Panero heard a 'loud bang' before the U.S. Airways airliner made a crash landing in the Hudson river.

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January 15th, 2009
04:42 PM ET

Planes vs. Birds

Bird Strike Committee USA

Bird Strike Committee USA is a volunteer organization directed by a 10- to 15-person steering committee consisting of 2-3 members each from the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, aviation industry/airlines, and airports.

Some Stats: Did you know that?

– Over 219 people have been killed worldwide as a result of bird strikes since 1988.

– Bird and other wildlife strikes cost USA civil aviation over $620 million/year, 1990-2007.

– Over 5,000 bird strikes were reported by the U.S. Air Force in 2007.

– Over 7,600 bird and other wildlife strikes were reported for USA civil aircraft in 2007.

– Studies indicate only about 20% of bird strikes to civil aircraft at Part 139-certificated (passenger service) airports in USA are reported. Less than 5% of bird strikes at General Aviation airports are reported.

– From 1990-2004, USA airlines reported 31 incidents in which pilots had to dump fuel to lighten load during a precautionary or emergency landing after striking birds on takeoff or climb. An average of 11,600 gallons of jet fuel was released in each of these dumps.

– Waterfowl (31%), gulls (26%), and raptors (18%) represented 75% of the reported bird strikes causing damage to USA civil aircraft, 1990-2007.

– Over 760 civil aircraft collisions with deer and 250 collisions with coyotes were reported in the USA, 1990-2007.


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January 15th, 2009
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Airliner crashes in NY river

A US Airways plane has crashed in the Hudson river in New York.

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April 14th, 2008
10:22 AM ET

If there were any question about the Democrats...

If there were any question about whether the Democratic presidential candidates have been hurting each other's chances to become president, it would seem harder to argue that case now, right?

...now that Clinton is questioning Obama's character, as well as his comment that some Pennsylvania voters are "bitter."

...and now that Obama is saying, "Shame on her... (for) an insult to sportsmen... (and) talking like she's Annie Oakley."

Do you think they're undercutting each other's credibility, or their own... or will voters forgive and forget all this, and focus on what's said during the general election?

Do you think John McCain is benefiting from the Dems' infighting, even enjoying it?

We'd like to hear. Thank you for your thoughts.

–Barclay Palmer, 360 Senior ProducerComments to the 360° blog are moderated. What does that mean?


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April 4th, 2008
06:41 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning folks...It is Friday....Thank GOD!!!  Grab your coffee and take a look at today's headlines, but first today is the 4oth Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr...

Remembering King
The other side of the mountaintop...
Near the end of his life, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. felt cornered and under siege. His opposition to the Vietnam War was widely criticized, even by friends. He was being pressured both to repudiate the black power movement and to embrace it. Some of his lieutenants were urging him to jettison his urgent new campaign to uplift the poor, believing that King had taken on too much and was compromising support for the civil rights struggle.

Top Stories
Tornado hits Arkansas...
At least one tornado ripped through central Arkansas Thursday evening, savaging a mobile home park and sending National Weather Service forecasters into a bunker as the storm roared overhead.

Iraq PM warns of more offensives...
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki vowed Thursday after last week's battle in the southern port of Basra to carry out more offensives around Iraq, mentioning as targets neighborhoods in Baghdad associated with Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.

1000 Iraqi soldiers refused to fight...
More than 1,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen either refused to fight or simply abandoned their posts during the inconclusive assault against Shiite militias in Basra last week, a senior Iraqi government official said Thursday. Iraqi military officials said the group included dozens of officers, including at least two senior field commanders in the battle.

U.S. on the wrong track?
More than 80 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, the highest such number since the early 1990s, according to a new survey.

Australian PM comes under fire...
Australia's prime minister came under fire at home Friday over a playful salute he gave President Bush at a NATO summit, which critics said seemed to suggest Australian subservience to Washington.

Border complicates Afghan fight...
As a cold darkness enveloped the tiny US Military camp just inside Afghanistan's border with Pakistan, word spread that Taliban fighters were on the move nearby, planning an attack.

Raw Politics
Is the country ready for a Black or a woman President?
The number of Americans who believe that the country is ready for a black president is rising, a poll released Thursday suggested.

Super delegate trouble for Clinton...
Nearly three weeks remain before the next Democratic primary, but the results are rolling in from another part of the presidential contest - and they signify trouble for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama out raises Clinton...
Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama continued to display his unrivaled prowess for fundraising by collecting more than $40 million in March, about double the amount raised by Sen. Hillary Clinton, to bring the overall take for his White House bid to more than $200 million, aides said Thursday

Cindy McCain beer fortune...
On a spring day at a speedway in North Carolina, John McCain posed with his wife, Cindy, and racing star Dale Earnhardt Jr., highlighting the couple's political and business interests in a single snapshot.

Program NOTE: Erica Hill profiles John McCain tonight on AC360

John Edwards says NO to VP...
Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said on Thursday he would not accept the nomination for U.S. vice president as he did four years ago.

Crime & Punishment
Man threatens "tech" like killings...
A 20-year-old with a weapons cache that included four AK-47s was arrested after threatening over the Internet to undertake a Virginia Tech-style massacre, authorities said Thursday.

4 indicted in Tenn football player murder...
Four men accused of killing a University of Memphis football player during a botched robbery have been indicted on first-degree murder charges.

Stripper-turned-soccer mom convicted...
A former stripper-turned-soccer mom convicted of plotting to kill her former fiance 12 years ago was sentenced Wednesday to 99 years in prison.

Keeping Them Honest
Inspectors say FAA ignored violations...
The Federal Aviation Administration may know considerably less about the state of airline safety than it claims, a parade of witnesses and lawmakers said at a Congressional hearing on Thursday.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
1864 Lincoln letter...
A rare Lincoln manuscript sold for $3.4 million on Thursday at Sotheby's auction house. The 1864 letter in which Abraham Lincoln replies to the abolitionist pleas of 195 young boys and girls was bought by a private American collector over the phone.

March 31st, 2008
06:40 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning folks....Happy Monday!!

Fifteen minutes before Treasury Secretary Paulson unveils a new economic plan, HUD Secretary Jackson will allegedly resign...check out Top Stories.  In Raw Politics new poll numbers out showing Obama with a ten point lead, but Hillary is stayin' in the race... AND the NCAA final four is set, it is the first time EVER all FOUR number 1 seeds will play in the FINAL FOUR... OK, OK, if you're not a college hoop fan, there is plenty of other stories to chew over... So grab your coffee and let's go...

Top Stories
HUD secretary to resign...
Housing Secretary Alphonso R. Jackson is expected to resign Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday night.

Paulson's plan...
A sweeping overhaul of financial regulation that Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. will propose today started out last year as an effort to streamline and deregulate oversight of global markets, but the administration was forced to add elements addressing the mortgage crisis as it escalated this year.

Body found of Ohio soldier...
After nearly four years of hoping, waiting and praying, an Ohio family learned Sunday their missing son died in Iraq.

Al-Sadr calls of fighting in Iraq...
Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on followers to stop shooting and cooperate with Iraqi security forces Sunday, a move Iraq's government praised as a step toward ending six days of fighting that has left hundreds dead.

Raw Politics
New POLL: Obama 10 pt lead...
Barack Obama has extended his lead over Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally to 52% to 42%, the third consecutive Gallup Poll Daily tracking report in which he has held a statistically significant lead, and Obama's largest lead of the year so far.

Obama: Clinton should stay...
Barack Obama refused Saturday to go along with other Democrats who are calling for Hillary Rodham Clinton to step away from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bill Clinton tells superdelegates to "chill"
Former President Clinton urged Democratic Party superdelegates and activists Sunday to be patient in selecting a presidential nominee and let the primary election process play out over the coming months.

Hillary appeals to blue collar...
Hillary Clinton kicked off her North Carolina primary campaign last week at a technical school that bills itself "College for the Real World." After some pleasantries and a stab at a basketball reference, she began to outline what she called "the problems that we face" as a nation

Obama tries to reach PA votes...
 Barack Obama hit the bowling lanes and walked the factory floor, hoisted the local brew and even nursed a calf as he introduced himself over the weekend to the working-class residents of hardscrabble towns in the valleys and mountains of southern Pennsylvania.

Obama, McCain forge alliance...
A year into his tenure on Capital Hill, Sen Barack Obama (D-Ill.) approached John McCain on the Senate floor to propose the two work together on a lobbying and ethics reform bill. The four-term Arizona Republican, 25 years Obama's senior, quickly saw a willing apprentice to help shake up the way business was done on Capitol Hill.

McCain faces test in wooing elite donors...
With attention focused on the Democrats’ infighting for the presidential nomination, Senator John McCain is pressing ahead to the general election but has yet to sign up one critical constituency: the big-money people who powered the Bush fund-raising machine.

Keeping them Honest
Popular cholesterol drug fails...
Leading doctors urged a return to older, tried-and-true treatments for high cholesterol after hearing full results Sunday of a failed trial of Vytorin.

Crime & Punishment
No evidence of murder in Princess death...
The coroner heading the inquest into the death of Princess Diana  says there is no evidence that Prince Philip, the Secret Intelligence Service or any other government agency was involved in her death in 1997.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
Islam has overtaken Catholicism...
Islam has overtaken Roman Catholicism as the biggest single religious denomination in the world, the Vatican said on Sunday.

NCAA basketball: ALL four #1 in final four...
Stephen Curry darted this way, faked that way. Nothing open, and the bright red numbers on the clock getting close to zero.

March 28th, 2008
07:08 AM ET

Morning Buzz

Morning folks...It is Friday!! Thank GOD!!! In honor of it being Friday, I won't bore you with the details of today's headlines...Soooo grab your coffee and let's go...

Top Stories
U.S. joins offensive...
U.S. forces in armored vehicles battled Mahdi Army fighters Thursday in Sadr City, the vast Shiite stronghold in eastern Baghdad, as an offensive to quell party-backed militias entered its third day. Iraqi army and police units appeared to be largely holding to the outskirts of the area as American troops took the lead in the fighting.

U.S. suspends Afghan arms dealer...
U.S. investigators are looking into accusations that a company hired by the U.S. military supplied corroded and decades-old Chinese ammunition to the Afghan Army and police

Puerto Rico Governor indicted...
Puerto Rico Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila and 12 associates, including his former administrative director in Washington, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy, fraud and tax crimes during three recent political campaigns.

Tibet tension lingers...
From behind bars, the young man fidgeted. His eyes flickered over to a policeman standing nearby as he debated how to answer a very sensitive question.

New Central Command Chief...
One of the Army's most Iraq-savvy generals is taking charge, at least temporarily, of arguably the most important command in the U.S. Military, with responsibility for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Raw Politics
Dodd says STOP...
Q: As I mentioned earlier, you were the General Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Now, you know that a lot of Democrats feel that this increasingly bitter race between Obama and Clinton is hurting the party. First of all, do you think that is true, and secondly, if you were in charge, what would you do? Dodd: Well, I think it is hurting

Obama would have left church...
White House hopeful Barack Obama suggests he would have left his Chicago church had his longtime pastor, whose fiery anti-American comments about U.S. foreign policy and race relations threatened Obama's campaign, not stepped down.

Three candidates, three proposals for the economy...
The deteriorating economy took center stage in the presidential election Thursday as Democrat Barack Obama called for tighter regulation of financial markets and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed more retraining for displaced workers, creating a sharp contrast with Republican John McCain over how much the government should intervene.

Clinton details health plan...
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said in an interview on Wednesday that if elected president she would push for a universal health care plan that would limit what Americans pay for health insurance to no more than 10 percent of their income, a significant reduction for some families.

Obama bus tour...
When he steps aboard a campaign bus in Pittsburgh on Friday, Senator Barack Obama begins a six-day journey across Pennsylvania and its complex political landscape, one that is largely favorable to his rival, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama-Bloomberg ticket?
It was only hours after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg finally made it clear that he was not running for president that his chief political guru, Kevin Sheekey, suggested that he would be the perfect running mate for Senator Barack Obama.

Obama rewriting rules for online contributions...
When Christen Braun decided it was time to learn more about the presidential candidates, the 28-year-old high school teacher from suburban Pittsburgh turned to Google - right where Sen. Barack Obama's campaign was waiting for her. 

Crime & Punishment
Learn english or go to jail...
A judge known for creative sentencing has ordered three Spanish-speaking men to learn English or go to jail

Keeping Them Honest
Hundreds of flights canceled or grounded, why?
Hundreds of flights were canceled Thursday as mechanics for American Airlines and Delta Airlines inspected wiring in aircraft to ensure the planes met federal safety rules.

Tapes destroyed...
When officers from the Central Intelligence Agency destroyed hundreds of hours of videotapes documenting harsh interrogations in 2005, they may have believed they were freeing the government and themselves from potentially serious legal trouble.

What YOU will be talking about TODAY
Parents pick pray over treatment...
Police are investigating an 11-year-old girl's death from an undiagnosed, treatable form of diabetes after her parents chose to pray for her rather than take her to a doctor.

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