April 28th, 2008
03:50 PM ET

360° Q&A: Tony Snow

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Editor's Note: Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is the newest member of the Best Political Team on Television. Snow joined CNN last week and – after making headlines with a brief hospital stay – spoke with 360’s Jack Gray about the presidential race and life after the White House.

How is your health?

Health is fine. I had a little condition, not directly related to cancer, that I went through early in the week, but I’m doing fine.

You were a Fox guy before you went to the White House. Have you gotten any grief from your friends over there for having now joined the competition?

I still have got lots of friends at Fox and it’s a place I dearly loved working for and I’m grateful for every minute I worked there, but actually, no, people at Fox have been pretty supportive. They wish I was there, but on the other hand they’ve been very nice.

The conventional wisdom is that the longer this Democratic primary goes on, the better it is for John McCain. Do you agree with that?


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