October 14th, 2014
10:14 PM ET

CDC announces new Ebola response teams

If there are any more cases of Ebola in the U.S. the CDC says it now has a team ready to respond. It will include experts in infection control, protective equipment and experimental therapies. Anderson spoke with CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden who detailed the plan and discussed what more could have been done to possibly save Thomas Duncan.

Anderson discussed the CDC's protocols for Ebola protection with Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and former CDC disease detective Dr. Seema Yasmin.

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October 10th, 2014
10:24 PM ET

How sick was Thomas Duncan when he was sent home from the hospital?

There are serious questions about Thomas Duncan's treatment for Ebola. The missteps seemed to begin with a Dallas hospital's initial decision to send him home without realizing his symptoms were caused by Ebola. Now, we are learning that he may have had a fever that was as high as 103-degrees during that first trip to the emergency room. Ed Lavandera has the latest.

Anderson discussed the hospital's actions with former CDC disease detective Dr. Seema Yasmin and Dr. Peter Shearer, Medical Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

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October 9th, 2014
10:00 PM ET

Family: Thomas Eric Duncan was treated unfairly 

Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. He is now the first person to die from the disease in this country. His nephew released a statement saying:

"Eric Duncan was treated unfairly. Eric walked into the hospital, the other patients were carried in after an 18 hour flight. It is suspicious to us that all the white patients survived and this one black patient passed away. It took 8 days to get him medicine. He didn't begin treatment in Africa, he began treatment here, but he wasn't given a chance."

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen has more on the questions about Duncan's care.

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October 7th, 2014
09:54 PM ET

Did Thomas Duncan travel to the U.S. knowing that he had Ebola?

Liberia's President has threatened to prosecute Ebola patient Thomas Duncan, accusing him of lying about his health on travel forms when he flew to the U.S. Duncan helped a pregnant woman in his hometown who later died of the disease. Nima Elbagir traveled to Liberia and found a new timeline is emerging. Nima found that this woman was diagnosed with Ebola after her death and after Duncan already departed for the U.S. Nima reports on what she found from Monrovia, Liberia.

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