July 31st, 2013
10:03 PM ET

OJ Simpson's legal victory

A legal victory today for O.J. Simpson.  After nearly five years in prison, he won parole on some of the convictions that landed him consecutive sentences. But it doesn't mean Simpson will be walking free anytime soon.  Anderson spoke with CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos.

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February 2nd, 2009
09:32 AM ET

Cage Your Rage with O.J. Simpson

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Gabe Falcon
AC360° Writer

After several days of processing at his temporary home at Nevada's High Desert Prison, O.J. Simpson is now spending his days at Lovelock Correctional Center, a vast complex roughly 93 miles away from Reno. It's an impersonal kind of place. But it could be worse for "The Juice." Lovelock has a woodshop, high school and as you'll see, dozens of self-improvement courses to choose from.

According to the Public Information Officer, Simpson is "doing fine," and since he is not a Level I offender, the officer said he "has all the rights and privileges that a person in his classification would have."


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December 9th, 2008
03:43 PM ET

"The Juice" is now a number

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Gabriel Falcon
AC360 Writer

The most famous inmate in Nevada’s penal system has a new number. And guess what? It’s listed. 1027820 is Orenthal Simpson’s ID. It’s a worthy bookend to his booking denominator, 121264.

Thanks to the state’s Offender Tracking Information System, we’re getting the latest prison-charted vitals on Simpson.

Under the Identification and Demographics banner, Offender #1027820 is 61 years old, he has brown eyes, weighs 235 pounds, and is described as having a “stocky” build. Corrections officials haven’t yet designated where he will stay inside the High Desert State Medium-Security Penitentiary and have labeled his custody level as “unassigned.”

Although commonly referred to as the Juice, the report lists no known aliases for Simpson. It does, however, offer a litany of his convictions. And let’s say the rap sheet is long. There are 13 offenses posted on the booking information chart. They include the minimum and maximum sentences and when they go into effect.

Want to see the Simpson report for yourself? Just click on this link.

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