November 12th, 2014
10:27 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: DA speaks exclusively with AC360 about the McStay family murders

We are learning more about the case against Chase Merritt, the main suspect in the McStay case. Merrit pleaded not guilty at his arraignment today in a Victorville, California courtroom. District Attorney Michael Ramos told Randi Kaye that they only started "putting pieces of the puzzle together" about six months ago.

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November 10th, 2014
10:52 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Joseph McStay's father speaks out about Chase Merritt's arrest

For nearly five years, Patrick McStay has been living through an unimaginable nightmare. His son Joseph McStay, daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren disappeared. Just last year, their bodies were found in shallow graves in the Mojave Desert. There were few clues about what happened to the McStays and until last week, there were no arrests.

Now, Joseph's business partner Chase Merritt is charged with the murders. Patrick McStay spoke exclusively with Randi Kaye and said the moment he learned that a family friend is the main suspect felt "like a boulder falling on me."

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November 7th, 2014
10:00 PM ET

Randi Kaye on interviewing the main suspect in the McStay murders

The suspect accused of killing Joseph Mcstay, his wife and two sons gave just one interview and it was with AC360's Randi Kaye. The family disappeared in 2010 and Chase Merritt was just arrested this week. Randi spoke with him last January for a CNN documentary about the case, after the family's remains were found. Randi's hour-long interview included Merritt's account of the last time he saw Joseph McStay, his polygraph results and even his theory on who could be behind the murders.

Why would Chase Merritt sit down for an interview like this? Anderson discussed the case with Randi Kaye and former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole.
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November 20th, 2013
11:49 PM ET

Mystery turns to tragedy for missing California family

Police confirm they found the remains of a California couple and their two children. The McStays disappeared nearly four years ago under very puzzling circumstances. Police don't know why they left their home or what happened to them after that. Randi Kaye has the latest on the murder investigation.

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November 20th, 2013
05:57 PM ET

Randi Kaye on assignment: Family murder mystery

Tonight on AC360°,  Randi Kaye has the latest on the mystery surrounding the deaths of the McStay family.

The remains of Joseph and Summer McStay, along with their sons Gianni and Joseph Jr., were discovered last week near Victorville, California. They disappeared from their home outside of San Diego in February 2010. Days later they were caught on surveillance video walking across the border into Mexico and their car was found nearby.

Randi travelled to Victorville and to the U.S. / Mexico border for tonight's report.

She sent back these photos:

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