December 16th, 2014
11:45 PM ET

Training to end a hostage standoff

It wasn’t just the lives of the hostages on the line during the raid on the Sydney cafe. The police risked their own lives in the dangerous operation. The decision when to launch a raid, pull the trigger or even when to just sit tight has so much riding on it. Martin Savidge got a firsthand look at the training that goes into this type of an operation at a private security firm in North Carolina.
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December 11th, 2014
09:55 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: Retracing Jessica Chambers final hours

The murder of Jessica Chambers has devastated a small town in Mississippi. The 19-year-old was attacked and burned alive. Police say they are following leads, but have made no arrests. The local District Attorney says he doesn’t “anticipate any in the near future.” Local residents refused to speak with Martin Savidge on camera, admitting they are scared. He has the latest on this tragic case.
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December 4th, 2014
11:29 PM ET

What is a chokehold?

The NYPD banned the use of chokeholds more than 20 years ago. In spite of the ban, New York's Civilian Complaint Review Board says it received 219 complaints between July 2013 and June 2014, the month before Eric Garner died. Martin Savidge undergoes a demonstration of several techniques.

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November 18th, 2014
10:15 PM ET

Freezing temps hit all 50 states as Buffalo gets buried in snow

It is technically still autumn, but Buffalo, New York is in the middle of an arctic blast that could leave six feet of snow on the ground. The entire country is feeling the chill with sub-freezing temperatures being recorded in all 50 states. Martin Savidge is in the middle of the snow in Buffalo where New York's Governor has declared a state of emergency.

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September 26th, 2014
10:41 PM ET

Beheaded in Oklahoma: a workplace dispute, or the act of a "lone wolf" terrorist?

On the surface, Friday's horrific beheading at an Oklahoma food processing plant appeared to center around a simple workplace dispute.

However, upon further investigation of the suspect – 30-year-old Alton Alexander Nolen – red flags have arisen.

Was the murder an isolated incident? Or terrorism on American soil.

Watch the above video as CNN's Martin Savidge examines a story that has brought up questions regarding the potential of a "lone wolf" inspired by Islamic extremism.

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September 26th, 2014
01:48 AM ET

Motorist to South Carolina Trooper: "Why did you shoot me?"

What would prompt a South Carolina trooper to shoot an unarmed motorist? And, what is to come next for each of them?

CNN's Martin Savidge tells the story of an African-American man, shot by a white cop, while simply reaching for the wallet in his vehicle.

"Well, you dove headfirst back into your car," explained the officer, in audio heard via the police car dash cam.

Is this a case of an honest mistake, or an unacceptable and inexplicable error?

Watch the above clip for Savidge's full report, including video of the shooting, and updates as to the physical and legal statuses of both men.

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July 15th, 2014
11:02 PM ET

Caught on video: Crowd breaks into hot car to rescue children

It was a dramatic scene: strangers smashing the windows of a hot car to free the children crying inside. Their mother reportedly left them alone while she was getting her hair cut. Her reaction stunned the good samaritans who saved her kids. This comes as Leanna Harris released a statement through her attorney. Harris' husband is charged with murder in the death of their 22-month-old son, who was left in a hot SUV for seven hours. Martin Savidge has the latest on that case.

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July 9th, 2014
10:41 PM ET

Authorities re-enact the hot car conditions that led to Cooper Harris' death 

Police returned to the Georgia parking lot where 22-month-old Cooper Harris took his last breaths and they re-enacted what his father claims is a tragic accident. Justin Harris left the toddler in the back of his broiling hot SUV for seven hours. He is now facing charges of murder and child cruelty. Martin Savidge has the latest.

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July 7th, 2014
11:15 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: A new focus in the hot car death investigation

Eight search warrants are just some of the documents shedding new light on the hot car death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris. His father, Justin Harris, is charged with murder and child cruelty for leaving the toddler strapped in a car seat in the back of his broiling SUV for seven hours. Martin Savidge takes a look at the latest twists in the case.

Dozens of children die in the U.S. every year after being left in hot cars. That's how Lyn Balfour's 9-month-old son Bryce died. She was tried for murder and acquitted. Balfour discussed the latest evidence in the Harris case.

Click here to learn more about keeping kids safe in cars.

David Diamond discusses both the Harris and Balfour cases

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July 2nd, 2014
10:26 PM ET

Is there enough evidence for authorities to keep Justin Harris in jail?

Justin Harris is heading back to court tomorrow. He has already pleaded not guilty to murdering his son by leaving him in a hot car. Tomorrow a judge is set to decide whether prosecutors have enough evidence to keep him in jail. Martin Savidge looks at the case against Harris and what may be presented in court tomorrow.

John Berman discussed the chances of the judge granting Harris bail with legal analysts Paul Callan, Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos.

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