August 13th, 2014
11:12 PM ET

U.S. Special Forces make firsthand assessment of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq

A risky U.S. military mission in Iraq just wrapped up. A group of Special Forces spent 24 hours on Mount Sinjar and found that there are far fewer Yazidis trapped on the mountain than originally believed. They also report that the humanitarian air drops are helping those who are stuck there. Ivan Watson also got a firsthand look at the humanitarian crisis and reports that the situation in the region is still very desperate.

How does this new information from Mount Sinjar change U.S. plans for dealing with the humanitarian crisis and the threat from ISIS? Wolf Blitzer discussed possible strategies with retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona, Quartz Managing Editor Bobby Ghosh and former Delta Force officer Jeff Beatty.

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August 8th, 2014
11:07 PM ET

ISIS' brutality caught on video

Warning: this video is violent and may be too difficult for some viewers to watch

It is hard to overstate ISIS' ambition or its thirst for blood. Recently a VICE News filmmaker spent time with ISIS fighters in Syria. He witnesses the grisly end and aftermath of a battle with a Syrian army unit.

What does it take to defeat a force like ISIS, when they are ready to use such brutal tactics? Anderson discussed possible strategies with retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Rick Francona and David Kilcullen, who advised Condoleezza Rice and Gen. Petraeus on counterinsurgency.

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August 5th, 2014
10:57 PM ET

How will the killing of a U.S. General impact President Obama's plans to wind down the war in Afghanistan?

An attack in Afghanistan today claimed the life of U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene. He was shot and killed in a shooting that left more than a dozen other coalition forces wounded. Maj. Gen. Greene is now the highest ranking American killed in wartime since Vietnam. This is just the latest case of a member of the Afghan security forces opening fire on Americans working with them. Randi Kaye looks at the history of these 'greenonblue' attacks.

Afghan soldiers often need to work side by side with American forces. Who is responsible for vetting them and is enough being done to protect the Americans? Anderson discussed this with CIA and FBI counterterrorism veteran Philip Mudd, along with Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona, who was a target of a greenonblue attack.

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