November 10th, 2014
11:00 PM ET

Laura Ling: I went into a self imposed isolation

Over the weekend two Americans were freed by North Korea and reunited with their families. Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were the last Americans known to be held there. Laura Ling and her producer Euna Lee were arrested while reporting along the border of North Korea and China in 2009. They were held by North Korea for more than four months. Laura Ling tells Anderson how she returned and had to readjust to seemingly little things like being surrounded by people who spoke English.
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January 8th, 2014
12:49 AM ET

Laura Ling weighs in on prisoner Kenneth Bae

Laura Ling was imprisoned in North Korea for 140 days in 2009. She joins the AC360 Later panel to discuss American prisoner Kenneth Bae and the inflammatory comments of NBA star Dennis Rodman.

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