December 2nd, 2008
08:29 AM ET

Latino Immigrants and the Current Economic Crisis

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Editor’s Note: Juan Tornoe is a marketing consultant and trend watcher. See his blog at juantornoe.blogs.com.

Juan Tornoe | BIO
Hispanic Trending

Recently I've been pondering about how will Hispanics, specifically Hispanic immigrants, be affected with the current crisis, how will their buying habits shift, and most importantly to you, how will this affect all those marketing to Latinos.

A few weeks back I received a message asking how to "build the case for continued Hispanic market outreach in these times of economic crisis." Then I participated on an online forum where we discussed, among other things, "the financial value of the Hispanic Segment". Right after that I received another invitation to participate in a panel where we will discuss "Investing in the Hispanic Market." You can tell that this is a hot topic for everyone (you, me, and the guy in the cube or office next to you), so I decided to share with you my thoughts on this "Hot Issue".

As you've heard me say before, the Latino community is way too diverse to gather them into one single group and come up with a rational, practical and true conclusion. It is a completely different reality for a 3rd Generation Latino Baby Boomer living in Santa Fe, NM than for an immigrant in its early 30s who's starting a family in Houston, TX. The former's experience is way more similar to that of the "average American" that the latter's will ever be.

I have purposely focused this analysis on Latino Immigrants.


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