September 23rd, 2014
01:17 AM ET

Attorney: Mom in hot car death case passed polygraph

The wife of a Georgia man charged with murdering his toddler by leaving the child in a hot car for hours this summer has passed a polygraph test, her lawyer said Monday. The attorney for Leanna Harris says her husband, Justin Ross Harris left their son Cooper in the car by accident. Ross Harris is charge with eight counts, including malice murder and two counts of felony murder. He is scheduled to appear in court this week. Prosecutors say both Harris and Leanna Harris, had searched online for how hot a car has to be to kill a child. In interview with Anderson, her attorney, Lawrence Zimmerman explains why his client took a polygraph despite claiming she has done nothing wrong. The exam was not sanctioned by the court and is not admissible in Georgia criminal court.

For more on this story: Lawyer: Leanna Harris, whose son died in hot car in Georgia, passed polygraph test.

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July 15th, 2014
11:02 PM ET

Caught on video: Crowd breaks into hot car to rescue children

It was a dramatic scene: strangers smashing the windows of a hot car to free the children crying inside. Their mother reportedly left them alone while she was getting her hair cut. Her reaction stunned the good samaritans who saved her kids. This comes as Leanna Harris released a statement through her attorney. Harris' husband is charged with murder in the death of their 22-month-old son, who was left in a hot SUV for seven hours. Martin Savidge has the latest on that case.

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July 9th, 2014
10:41 PM ET

Authorities re-enact the hot car conditions that led to Cooper Harris' death 

Police returned to the Georgia parking lot where 22-month-old Cooper Harris took his last breaths and they re-enacted what his father claims is a tragic accident. Justin Harris left the toddler in the back of his broiling hot SUV for seven hours. He is now facing charges of murder and child cruelty. Martin Savidge has the latest.

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July 8th, 2014
11:23 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: Is there a right way and wrong way to respond to tragedy?

Today Leanna Harris reportedly visited the jail where her husband is being held on murder and child cruelty charges in the hot car death of their son Cooper. The couple's words and actions have come under intense scrutiny by police. Martin Savidge looks at how others in the media spotlight have responded to tragedy.

CNN legal analysts Sunny Hostin and Paul Callan look at whether the Harris' behavior could be brought up in court.

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July 8th, 2014
10:46 PM ET

Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the hot car video allegedly watched by Justin Harris

Five days before his son Cooper died in the back of a hot SUV, Justin Harris watched a YouTube video demonstrating the dangers of leaving pets inside hot cars. That's according to a detective who testified at Harris' probable cause hearing. Anderson takes a look at a clip of that video and discusses it with Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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July 7th, 2014
11:23 PM ET

Mother's demeanor before and after her son's death in a hot SUV raises questions

Authorities are taking a close look at the actions of Leanna Harris. Her husband Justin is facing murder and child cruelty charges in the hot car death of their 22-month-old son Cooper.  Now some are asking whether she will also be arrested. Jason Carroll takes a closer look.

CNN legal analysts Sunny Hostin, Paul Callan and Mark Geragos look at whether Leanna Harris' statements may have incriminated her.

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July 7th, 2014
11:15 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: A new focus in the hot car death investigation

Eight search warrants are just some of the documents shedding new light on the hot car death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris. His father, Justin Harris, is charged with murder and child cruelty for leaving the toddler strapped in a car seat in the back of his broiling SUV for seven hours. Martin Savidge takes a look at the latest twists in the case.

Dozens of children die in the U.S. every year after being left in hot cars. That's how Lyn Balfour's 9-month-old son Bryce died. She was tried for murder and acquitted. Balfour discussed the latest evidence in the Harris case.

Click here to learn more about keeping kids safe in cars.

David Diamond discusses both the Harris and Balfour cases

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July 2nd, 2014
10:26 PM ET

Is there enough evidence for authorities to keep Justin Harris in jail?

Justin Harris is heading back to court tomorrow. He has already pleaded not guilty to murdering his son by leaving him in a hot car. Tomorrow a judge is set to decide whether prosecutors have enough evidence to keep him in jail. Martin Savidge looks at the case against Harris and what may be presented in court tomorrow.

John Berman discussed the chances of the judge granting Harris bail with legal analysts Paul Callan, Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos.

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June 30th, 2014
10:44 PM ET

Police: Mother of Georgia toddler also researched child deaths in hot cars

A judge will determine this week whether there's enough evidence to keep in jail a man whose son died in a hot SUV. Justin Harris is charged with murder and second-degree cruelty. Georgia police say that Harris and his wife, Leanna, told them that they conducted Internet searches on how hot a car needed to get to kill a child. CNN's Martin Savidge has more on the investigation.