March 19th, 2014
10:32 PM ET

Navigation data raises new questions about Flight 370

There is a new focus on where Flight 370 went after making a sharp left turn off course. Investigators now believe that the changes in the flight path were preprogrammed by somebody. They say it matches up with several navigational waypoints. Evan Perez breaks down what this latest information means.

Anderson discussed the new developments with former CIA counterterrorism officer Jeff Beatty, CNN analyst and 777 Captain Les Abend and former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo.

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February 5th, 2014
10:08 PM ET

Toothpaste terror warning

With the start of the Sochi Olympics less than a day away, the Department of HomelandSecurity is warning that terrorists may try to target flights heading to the Games. Evan Perez has the latest on this potential threat. 

Nick Paton Walsh is in Sochi reporting on Olympic security.

Anderson discusses the toothpaste terror threat with National Security Analysts Bob Baer and Peter Bergen.


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