September 17th, 2014
11:31 PM ET

Report: Officer Darren Wilson testifies to grand jury in Michael Brown shooting

The grand jury that will decide whether to file criminal charges in the Michael Brown shooting is meeting behind closed doors. According to the Saint Louis Dispatch, the man who pulled the trigger, Officer Darren Wilson testified about the shooting. Anderson discussed why this is a surprising and potentially risky move with legal analysts Jeffrey Toobin and Sunny Hostin.

August 15th, 2014
10:38 PM ET

Don Lemon walks among the peaceful protesters of Ferguson, Missouri

Amid the aftermath of a police shooting that left 18-year-old Michael Brown dead, and on a day which saw the release of the name of the police officer involved, Don Lemon took viewers on a tour through the peaceful protests of Ferguson, Missouri.

Watch the video above as the CNN host travels through a drum circle, interviewing residents who say they'll continue their demonstration for "as long as it takes," adding that the entire event is "a good time in the name of Mike Brown."

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July 15th, 2014
11:02 PM ET

Caught on video: Crowd breaks into hot car to rescue children

It was a dramatic scene: strangers smashing the windows of a hot car to free the children crying inside. Their mother reportedly left them alone while she was getting her hair cut. Her reaction stunned the good samaritans who saved her kids. This comes as Leanna Harris released a statement through her attorney. Harris' husband is charged with murder in the death of their 22-month-old son, who was left in a hot SUV for seven hours. Martin Savidge has the latest on that case.

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July 14th, 2014
10:27 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: Houston massacre survivor speaks

The fact that Cassidy Stay is alive is a miracle. She was shot in the head and left for dead during a massacre that claimed the lives of six members of her family. Despite all of that, Cassidy managed to alert authorities and save other relatives who were allegedly the gunman's next targets. Randi Kaye has her story.

Click here if you would like to help Cassidy Stay Fund.

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July 8th, 2014
11:23 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: Is there a right way and wrong way to respond to tragedy?

Today Leanna Harris reportedly visited the jail where her husband is being held on murder and child cruelty charges in the hot car death of their son Cooper. The couple's words and actions have come under intense scrutiny by police. Martin Savidge looks at how others in the media spotlight have responded to tragedy.

CNN legal analysts Sunny Hostin and Paul Callan look at whether the Harris' behavior could be brought up in court.

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July 7th, 2014
11:23 PM ET

Mother's demeanor before and after her son's death in a hot SUV raises questions

Authorities are taking a close look at the actions of Leanna Harris. Her husband Justin is facing murder and child cruelty charges in the hot car death of their 22-month-old son Cooper.  Now some are asking whether she will also be arrested. Jason Carroll takes a closer look.

CNN legal analysts Sunny Hostin, Paul Callan and Mark Geragos look at whether Leanna Harris' statements may have incriminated her.

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July 7th, 2014
11:06 PM ET

Crime & Punishment: Breaking down the Pistorius re-enactment video

A stunning video shows Oscar Pistorius going through the motions of what he says happened the night he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. For the first time, the public is seeing Pistorius without his prosthetics while pretending to shoot a gun. Pistorius' defense attorneys are expected to rest their case tomorrow and say the video was illegally obtained and aired on Australian TV. Robyn Curnow reports.

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July 1st, 2014
11:32 PM ET

"What are you, a bunch of morons!" – Abbie Bartels' mother, upon learning her child was banned from graduation

Roughly one year ago, 14-year-old Abbie Bartels took her own life, hanging herself in her bedroom closet.

A student at the Milton Hershey School, Bartel had been barred from attending her graduation, a decision her family maintains lead to the suicide.

"I said 'what are you, a bunch of morons,'" recalled Abbie's mother, Julie Bartels, in relaying the story to CNN's Gary Tuchman.

As the anniversary of Bartels' death nears, Tuchman traveled to Pennsylvania, examining the circumstances which lead to the tragedy, visiting the boarding school, and interviewing family members and legal experts.

Watch the above video for Tuchman's full report as shared with John Berman Tuesday evening.

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June 30th, 2014
10:44 PM ET

Police: Mother of Georgia toddler also researched child deaths in hot cars

A judge will determine this week whether there's enough evidence to keep in jail a man whose son died in a hot SUV. Justin Harris is charged with murder and second-degree cruelty. Georgia police say that Harris and his wife, Leanna, told them that they conducted Internet searches on how hot a car needed to get to kill a child. CNN's Martin Savidge has more on the investigation.

June 27th, 2014
09:43 PM ET

Using technology to prevent tragedy: Gary Tuchman runs a test in Texas

The grisly death of Georgia's Cooper Harris is sadly not an anomaly. Last year alone, more than 40 children died as a result of being left alone in a hot car.

But might these tragedies be preventable? Could technology be tapped into so as to guard against forgetfulness, and combat negligence?

Gary Tuchman traveled to Texas to test car seat monitors that claim to save kids from being left inside sweltering vehicles.

Watch the above video as the CNN correspondent tried out the device with the help of a parking lot, an SUV, and a reluctant six-month-old.

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