May 15th, 2008
11:34 AM ET

The Monster behind the Curtain

Editor's note: Bonnie Erbe is the host of PBS's weekly news analysis program, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, and syndicated columnist for Scripps Howard News Service. Her blog 'Racism in the Presidential Race' appeared on UsNews.com.

Bonnie Erbe
Host, PBS' "To the Contrary"

Terry McAuliffe, Senator Clinton's campaign manager was all over the cable news channels last night claiming Sen. Clinton's 2-1 win in West Virginia is proof she and only she can win the White House for the Democratic party in November-that due to her support from white, working class voters.

But an even more telling point about white, working class voters and how some of them will vote when (and it looks like when, not if) Sen. Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee was made in article in yesterday's Washington Post. The monster lurking behind the curtain in the Democratic presidential race is racism. Up to now, Sen. Obama's supporters in the extreme left wing of the Democratic party, have tried to ignore its existence. This article is proof, it not only exists, it is unfortunately alive and well, particularly in factory towns:

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