June 14th, 2011
11:50 PM ET

Maher takes on Weiner scandal

Editor's note: Anderson Cooper asks HBO's Bill Maher about the sexting scandal that has engulfed Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner.

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June 14th, 2011
11:45 PM ET

Maher slams 2012 GOP presidential field

Editor's note: HBO's Bill Maher shares his take on the Republican contenders who participated in CNN's New Hampshire debate.

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May 14th, 2011
12:28 AM ET

Video: Tony Blair speaks out on bin Laden

Editor's note: In this special, web-only extended version of the interview, CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Tony Blair about the West's relationship with the Muslim world after bin Laden's death.

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January 15th, 2011
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November 25th, 2010
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October 29th, 2010
11:59 PM ET

Dr. Phil slams Arkansas official for 'non-apology apology'

Martina Stewart
AC360° Digital Producer

(CNN) – Outspoken anti-bullying advocate and TV talk show host Dr. Phil is far from satisfied with the apology offered Thursday by an embattled local Arkansas school district official.

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“This is the biggest non-apology – non-apology apology I’ve heard,” Phil McGraw says about Clint McCance in an interview that airs Friday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°. “He did not apologize for what he said. He didn’t apologize for the message that this gives to children, to kids, to parents out there. What he apologized for was saying that suicide was the only out and that he’s sorry for that he said that.”

Clint McCance, the vice president of the Midland School District in Arkansas, took to his personal Facebook page earlier this week and slammed a recent national awareness campaign sparked by a rash of suicides by young people who had been bullied because they were gay or perceived to be gay by their peers.

The local elected official wrote that he wanted gay people to commit suicide, according to The Advocate, a magazine focusing on gay news. McCance promised to disown his own children if they are gay and said he enjoys "the fact that [gay people] give each other AIDS and die."

After his postings sparked national attention, McCance apologized for his comments Thursday in an exclusive interview on Anderson Cooper 360°.

October 26th, 2010
10:37 AM ET

Sean Penn says quick action needed to fight cholera in Haiti

Martina Stewart
AC360° Digital Producer

(CNN) - One of the key aspects to gaining control of the fast-moving cholera outbreak in Haiti is the simplest of human necessities, actor and activist Sean Penn told CNN's "AC360°."

People must stop using contaminated water, he said, noting that they will only do that if clean water is provided.

"So, whether that's through filtration systems or trucked in water, this is going to be the essential element - water, water, water," Penn said in an interview that aired Monday.

Penn, a co-founder of Haitian relief organization J/P HRO, visited Haiti over the weekend - days after news broke about the cholera outbreak in the earthquake-ravaged country.

"It's bad," Penn said of the conditions in the Caribbean nation, devastated by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on January 12 which killed nearly a quarter million people, left more than 1.6 million people homeless and destroyed homes, commercial buildings and basic infrastructure.

And the cholera outbreak has made a bad situation worse, he said.

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October 23rd, 2010
09:00 AM ET
October 22nd, 2010
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October 20th, 2010
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Yoko Ono recounts John Lennon on his 70th birthday anniversary

CNN Wire Staff

Editor's note: Watch more of Anderson Cooper's exclusive interview with Yoko Ono Friday night on AC360° beginning at 10 pm ET.

(CNN) - John Lennon would have turned 70 years old this month, and were the late Beatle alive today, he might be sitting in a rocking chair in Cornwall, England, with wife Yoko Ono waiting for a postcard from their son, Sean, Ono said in an exclusive interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

But eventually his spirit for activism would have roused him out of his retirement rocker, Ono added.

"I'm sure that, if he got to be 70, then he would have forgotten all of that: No, we have to do something now. And I'm sure this is when he would have been totally activist," Ono said. The wide-ranging three-part interview continues with the second installment on Cooper's "AC360" Wednesday night.

Video: Watch Part 2 of the interview

In the interview, Ono spoke about being unfairly blamed for the breakup of the Beatles and how she can't forgive Mark David Chapman, the maniacal fan who fatally shot Lennon in 1980.

She also strolled with Cooper through Central Park's Strawberry Fields, dedicated to Lennon and named after the song "Strawberry Fields Forever," written by Lennon and fellow Beatle Paul McCartney.

Lovers of Lennon's music should celebrate his 70th birthday anniversary, which occurred October 9, by remembering his expansive spirit, Ono said.

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