June 18th, 2014
10:47 PM ET

Inside the capture of the suspected mastermind of the Benghazi attack

Nearly two years after the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi that killed four Americans, Ahmed Abu Khatallah is in U.S. custody. The alleged mastermind of the deadly attack is on a ship facing intense interrogation. Barbara Starr looks at the events that led to Khatallah's arrest.

Anderson discussed Khatallah's interrogation with former NCIS special agent Robert McFadden.

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January 17th, 2014
12:52 AM ET

What the new Benghazi report might mean for Hillary Clinton's presidential chances

Time magazine's cover about a potential 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton asks: "Can Anyone Stop Hillary?" There are plenty of people on the right who would say the Benghazi controversy might put the brakes on that train. They point to a new Senate report on the deadly attack. The AC360 Later panel discussed all of it. 
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January 17th, 2014
12:07 AM ET

True Politics: What's in the Senate Intelligence Committee's Benghazi report?

In its new report, the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was likely preventable. What else does the report say? John King has the latest.


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December 30th, 2013
11:55 PM ET

Was Al Qaeda behind the Benghazi Consulate attack?

That is just one of the serious questions that is still being debated more than a year after the deadly attack, Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed last September 11th.  New York Times reporter David Kirkpatrick traveled to Benghazi for a new report on the tragedy. One of Kirkpatrick's most surprising findings is that he saw no evidence of Al Qaeda involvement. While that backs up claims made by the Obama Administration, Kirkpatrick tells Anderson he is "certainly not trying to vindicate anyone."

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November 1st, 2013
12:56 AM ET

"Benghazi was a tragedy not a scandal"

That's how CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin responded to Republican accusations of a coverup in the investigation into the terror attack in Benghazi. It comes as CNN has learned a House Intelligence Subcommittee is scheduled to hear from security forces who responded to the assault. The AC360 Later panel discusses the current state of the Benghazi investigation.
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November 1st, 2013
12:38 AM ET

Security forces who responded to Benghazi attack to testify behind closed doors

Sources tell CNN, security officers who who responded when Ambassador Stevens' compound was attacked will testify to Congress. The hearing set for the week of November 11 will happen behind closed doors. Drew Griffin broke the news on AC360.
Anderson discussed what all of this means with chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley, former CIA officer Robert Baer, and Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean was one of the four men killed in Benghazi.
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January 24th, 2013
06:27 PM ET

Web Exclusive: Rep. Issa: Hearings 'politics as usual'

Rep. Darrell Issa says he is "disappointed" that Secy. Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony "didn't have more answers."

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November 17th, 2012
01:15 AM ET

KTH: Benghazi talking points vs. truth

David Petraeus gave classified testimony today in closed-door briefings to congressional committee members on Benghazi attacks.
Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash report the latest information about minor changes to the talking points, and what the Fmr. CIA Dir. said his agency knew about the attack.

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November 16th, 2012
10:18 PM ET

Rep. Rohrabacher: Obama lied

Anderson Cooper asks Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California to provide evidence of his claim the president "knew this was a terrorist attack."

November 16th, 2012
12:15 AM ET

Lawmakers' take on Benghazi footage

Republican Rep. Peter King and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff discuss surveillance and drone video of the September 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

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