December 29th, 2008
10:17 AM ET

Sound Off: Your comments

AC360° viewers commented on the housing bailout saying it should preserve the existing housing and not give them a bailout to build more. Viewers were outraged over the song “Barack the magic Negro” and viewers also complained about the new flashing graphics on the screen during the show.

Here's a sample of the emails and blog comments we received on Friday:

Positively the housing building industry should not be bailed out. Housing has been so overbuilt in the past ten years that much was not marketable before the crisis. It is time for this industry to direct its efforts toward preserving the existing housing stock capable of sheltering the entire population.

I am a constant viewer of this program, but the new change in graphics is so distracting and annoying that I find it is causing me to consider changing to another channel. Particularly annoying is the little rectangle in the bottom right hand corner that keeps flashing back and forth to ac360.com. At times there are several different pictures on the screen against a moving background in blue and white. With everything going on, it is hard to concentrate on the program. PLEASE bring back your old format!

Please report on the outrageous song being used by an RNC candidate...it is hateful and horrible....Obama is our next President!!! I am so insulted...and don't sugar coat it...let people hear the song...once they hear it, I don't think they'll feel that it is "satire"

Re: RNC and "Barack the magic Negro". That CD is reprehensible, vulgar, race and hate mongering. I am outraged at the tasteless attacks and the moral degradation of the RNC. Always politics. They have not and still don't know about respect and governance.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffith? Why bring in a potty mouth who believes Jesus "sucks"? Are your viewers really that pagan?

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