December 17th, 2014
12:00 AM ET

Newly released video sheds light on the police shooting inside a Walmart

John Crawford III was shot dead by a police officer inside an Ohio Walmart. He was holding a “pellet” gun that he had picked up from the store’s shelf. Crawford’s death came four days before Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson. In both cases, grand juries cleared white officers of any wrongdoing. Today Mr. Crawford’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the police and the store. This comes as newly released video shows the police interrogation of Mr. Crawford’s girlfriend. Ana Cabrera has the latest.

Anderson discussed the case with retired NYPD Detective Harry Houck and CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin.

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  1. cernst82

    Per the video, Crawford came back around and reached for the pellet gun that looks like a tactical assault rifle. I understand from other articles that it was picked up in the store and Crawford removed the packaging which would have identified it as a store purchase. I don't know what he was thinking, but I think his race had very little to do with him getting shot and more to do with his stupid decisions. The police officer's behavior after the fact toward the girlfriend is where everyone should be focused, they realized that they shot an innocent man and then held the girl hostage in an interrogation room trying to get her to admit that he had brought the gun in the store. I know that anyone can be held for 24 hours without formal charges, but you have to have a good reason to do it and holding someone who was just a witness screams, "i am trying to cover my @$$." They discovered the pellet gun and that there was no crime except maybe theft and then held the girlfriend as if she was an accomplice to a violent crime, which never occurred.

    December 23, 2014 at 11:58 am |
  2. TriOptic

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  3. lichi1459

    I just want to say that there are many police officers that should stay home. No risk there. They fill up their mouth saying that they risk their lives. If you work in oil fields, you risk your life, firefighters risk their lives, construction workers, risk their lives, nurses, doctors risk their lives with so many illness around, etc. why police officers have to be special? Some people say they are "Heros." first, they get paid for it. That's their job like any other job. They have many benefits that the government gives them. They are police officers because they wanted to. When they make the ridiculous excuse that they killed someone because they wanted to defend themselves, my question is " are they in war?" Maybe they chose the wrong profession. Guns are legal in the USA! So why police officers have to kill people they think posses one. If that is going to be the case, Then, guns should be illegal so police offices can kill freely to people who posses guns. We have a huge problem In the United States. We are sending mix messages. Yes guns are legal, but if the police sees you in the possession of one, they might kill you if you are white and will kill you for sure if you are black or from any other minority race. Police office don't wait for you to point the gun at them anymore, they shoot you right there. For example, They tell you, put you gun on the floor, but when you try to reach for your gun to put it on the floor as instructed, they kill you. Then argue self defense. Like the little twelve- year boy who had his hands on his pockets when the police arrived. They boy saw them and his first reaction was to try to put his hands up, but the police shut him in two seconds. Also, the dispatcher who received the call, asked the person who called three times if the suspect was black or white. What difference does it make? The guy told the dispatcher what the subject was wearing and were he was. That was enough! She should be fired! Because obviously she is a racist. She didn't give vital information to the officers either. Police brutality and abuse have to end. They should get rid of those racists officers too! Fire all of them!

    December 18, 2014 at 10:20 pm |
  4. thurleg

    Someone there wrote in part (above): "John Crawford III was shot dead by a police officer inside an Ohio Walmart. He was holding a “pellet” gun that he ad picked up from the store’s shelf." The second sentence in that narrative is so wrong that in this atmosphere of public passions it is functionally nothing more or less than an inflammatory lie - and, as such, journalistic malpractice (and, unfortunately, as well a false - but polemically self-serving - narrative that it seems one can find just about anywhere one looks in today's world of 'impact journalism' bull s–t). It was not a '"pellet" gun' it WAS a pellet gun AND a REPLICA OF AN ACTUAL FIREARM, and from a concealed position behind the display shelves the victim (we can all agree he is a victim) scrambled BACK on the floor toward this weapon he had just dropped as ordered, and THAT is when he was shot. What does Ms Hostin expect the officer to do - wait about the 1 second it was going to take for the victim to reach that (air) rifle and then wait to see what happens to come out if the trigger is pulled? - a PEllet (can put an eye out (potentially even lethal), or a BUllet (can kill you). Why don't you have one of your LE acquaintances take you out to one of those training ranges where figures, friend and foe, pop up in doors and windows and on the ground and see how such decisions have to be made. Thanks for this first view of this informative video - maybe it will get some more attention and stop the disinformation deluge on this case. I'll look for the 'rewrite' (oops, different network). Oh, and while putting on cameras and more training for the cops, how about some citizenship training for the citizens? and, especially from those who are officers of the court, perhaps convey some basic understanding of the law such as what is resisting arrest - to save some young lives?

    December 18, 2014 at 7:27 am |
  5. iamebony

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  6. masterc4u

    How about justice for Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin, who is black, in Mobile, Alabama.

    This was not in the National Media,
    because they did a "White out" on this story.

    Pass it on.....

    December 17, 2014 at 5:43 am |
    • jgritty

      That was 2 years ago, and it was covered in the news. Piers Morgan did a piece on it, HuffPo did several stories on it. One major difference was that he was, naked, on drugs, charging at the officer in an aggressive stance. Not just walking around with a gun slung over his shoulder.

      But go on with your conspiracy theory...

      December 17, 2014 at 10:41 am |

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