December 4th, 2014
11:16 PM ET

Watch as an Eric Garner protest goes completely silent

Protesters in New York City have marched through the streets chanting and stopping traffic. An extraordinary moment occurred live on AC360 as Brooke Baldwin reported from a demonstration in Brooklyn.

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  1. lloydbardell

    I am sure that Eric didn't want to be standing there on the street while trying to get through this existence as best he knew how, but one does what one can to survive. These officers were totally out of line. They murdered the man. Whatever Eric might have been is irrelevant in this situation except that he was a man and should have been treated as such. The police had no reason to harass and subsequently murder this man and take him away from his family and friends. Eric was even polite something I wouldn't have been had I been in his shoes at that moment. This is a Black thing but it is more than that too, it is a poor or socially impotence thing as well which seeks to police people who are not of a higher social in a punitive manner to always make them uncomfortable, so as to make it so that they would not have time to effectively think and organize against the machine. The police seek to keep blacks and other poor people out of site or in constant pressured motion so as to erode the ability to better plan and organize. Motion is crucial in such a urban environment as it is movement that establishes control in fluid streets.

    December 5, 2014 at 4:27 pm |

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