November 26th, 2014
11:28 PM ET

Michael Brown's father: He's a murderer 

Two days ago, the Ferguson grand jury made its decision. Yesterday, Officer Wilson spoke out in an interview about shooting Michael Brown. Now, Brown's parents are responding to all of it in a conversation with CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin, along with their attorney Benjamin Crump. Here is just some of what Leslie McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. had to say:

Michael Brown Sr. questioned Darren Wilson's testimony:
"I don't believe any of those words were exchanged at all."

Leslie McSpadden responded to the surveillance video of their son just before the shooting:
"You cannot judge him from an 18 second video. We've known him for 18 years."

Michael Brown Sr. addressed the violence in Ferguson:
"The ones looting and rioting they are doing it on their own agenda."

Leslie McSpadden defended her husband after his tirade following the grand jury's decision:
"Emotions were taking over him... He was speaking out in anger."

Michael Brown's parents say the parents of Trayvon Martin reached out to them shortly after the shooting. Michael Brown Sr. says he received advice from Martin, along with other men who lost sons telling him to "stay positive and to keep my head, keep my chin high." John Berman spoke with Trayvon Martin's father Tracy.

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  1. belvinl

    Oficer Wilson seemed stiff and forced, but he is still dong his job. Privately he can cry and grieve.
    The facts are cold–as the officer seemed to be. (I AM personally very sorry that this event ever happened.)
    Until there is evidence that the officer set out that day to kill a person or otherwise harm a person, the officer gets the benefit of the doubt.
    In a second or less, the officer made a decision to shoot. That was his job, and why officers survive at all.
    The job is thankless, but we need people to do it, especially as people burn and do more violence.
    How sad for the parents. Now is too late to explain to a son that if you rob as store, attack an officer, and are perceived as a possibly fatal threat you may die.
    As yet, no credible evidence shows that was not the case, here.
    Please keep looking for that evidence, because that matters. There is a problem with racism and police brutalitiy.
    This may just not be THE case.

    November 27, 2014 at 5:30 pm |
  2. fatima9lb

    I been sending notes to CNN through contact.
    Now I finally found your comment board.
    I am very sad that Mr.Lemo,Don and others reports
    using a vulnerable situation for their own private
    Agenda. I know that we all have the right of speech ,however, I also know that a good report before he or she presented their investigation , they must make sure that they have all that facts before go to the
    Because. CNN company are so desperate for rates they cannot
    abuse their rights and they must take the responsibility for the results of their actions, I don't even what had your channel , but my boyfriend does.
    As for Mr.Brown's family I understanded as a parent that our kids are good person and to accept the true about their actions which we did not teached it is hard, moreover, we have to look at facts .
    I thinking Officer did over did his action, although, I am not a Police Officer he reacted like anyone
    would in a situation.
    We are parents and I know sometimes even us over react then act which our actions sometimes we do
    the same mistakes. Spank more then we should , yelled more.
    Perhaps, it is necessary that our Police Officers should need more training to act "Not react" when a person who committed a crime does not have a gun.
    And parents should take responsibility to teach their children to respect Authorities.
    If you did not do something wrong you don't have to run, when you are approach by a Police Officer
    You must act with respect.
    Listen, reality of racism , it will never go way, we are unique in our always and we should be
    respect by everyone . Racism is a private feelings that we can not change it .
    It is part of be a human. Some people don't like Japanese. At least I don't BUT I must respect them for who they are. What you all did was not right ,to take somes pain for rates.
    And any City that have been affected by your News they have a right to sue you for the damages that you reports cause it. As fort the family after what they just did yesterday , they not longer deserve win
    any lawsuit and if they do every bussines that was destroying they have a right to take this family to court. It is very sad, I don't have to like Japan people, Columbia. It is my right and choice. But I must treat them with respect. We all need to praying more then spending hate others. Goodnight.

    November 27, 2014 at 12:28 am |

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