November 13th, 2014
10:14 PM ET

RidicuList: Fanning the flames of Anderson's candle

Anderson got punked this week when he started reading the teleprompter, only to learn that he was the focus of Monday's RidicuList. The team let Anderson know they didn't like the smell of his basilscented candle. If you missed the descriptions, just imagine what "Mario Batali's Croc" would smell like. Today, Mario had his say and so did Anderson. Now everyone in the newsroom knows what revenge smells like.

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  1. therihan

    Update: removed tweets regarding Kelly Ripa, not worth a mention.
    Today is survivor day. I am sorry about what happened.

    November 22, 2014 at 8:53 am |
  2. therihan

    Wow. Mario'S crocs (the Chef) turned out to be rubber slippers? I thought you were talking about crocodile meat. That's disgusting.

    November 19, 2014 at 11:45 am |
  3. therihan

    Anderson, I know you're good at ignoring but whatever.
    I express myself in words now (evolution!) 🙂
    I wrote it while I was waking up in regards of how I feel

    Love is power by @therihan

    Cupid hit my heart
    That was just the start
    Stars hearts sunlight gushing in
    Imagination turned to thunder
    Sad from December
    I was nothing to remember
    How did I let you in
    When nothing really did begin
    Tides of you come rushing in
    Painted you beautiful love
    I couldn't get enough
    Not even a letter from you to make me feel better
    And I let you win
    Though I really cared
    Your life is just a masquerade
    Do you even know my name?

    November 15, 2014 at 1:05 pm |
  4. therihan

    P.s. I was reading stuff on music times site and then saw the "kelly ripa" thing about her daughter. That was really wrong to publicly speak negatively of her child. Incase you read my tweets, I still believe kelly was wrong to do so. It's like invasion of privacy of the child, she's still young and developing mentally ... Psychological damage for sure caused by a chatty talk show host mother. Not cool.

    November 14, 2014 at 10:10 am |
  5. therihan

    Hi , I tweeted @devna and @ac360 last night and I received no reply.
    It was regarding the three art pieces I sent to Anderson on December 3rd 2013, I was wondering why I never heard back from Anderson after CNN peeps in Atlanta GA confirmed it has arrived and received by Anderson's department.
    I think I know why, well first I was rushed, I wanted to get it all done last November and overnight it.
    Yeah it's been almost a year. But I still think about it.
    So my conclusion is most likely he didn't like them. I don't blame him.
    1. I don't remember what I was trying to express via art. I wanted to make Anderson something handmade because perhaps I dislike the gifts I receive personally, it's either something I'd never like or money in a card which I also dislike.
    2. One of the pieces on canvas, the ancient Egyptian themed one: that was extremely nuts, it was one idea literally built on another one, I kept changing my mind and it resulted into one heavy piece most likely can't be hung up, and makes no sense. The second piece was a disaster but it started out really nice, if you remove the little blue green mosaic tiles around the circular circle mirror tiles it might look much better. The third one, I don't think it was dry to be sent.... There was no patience, the paint was still wet. Then I was able to place them all in one box and overnight them. Then the notebook, which I don't recall what Ii had written.
    3. I blame it on the spray paint, and glue, I think it got me high. I used a room as a studio and I think I inhaled so much of that stuff. I'm not artist, I'm a scientist. 🙂

    So anyhow, it wasn't a quid pro quo type of thing. I hope I wasn't misunderstood. I just thought Anderson was interesting as a person. It was my first time and last time to express myself in art! Perhaps I think he's the coolest person.

    But it was stranger not be acknowledged for a year. Not insinuating via show, or anything crazy like that. I thought maybe Anderson was going to be my pen pal! LoL old fashioned childish 80s or 1800s mentality.
    Sorry. And I like basil scented candles as well as essential oil. Rosewood smells pretty good too. Best to all, @TheRihan

    November 14, 2014 at 9:23 am |

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