August 12th, 2014
10:28 PM ET

The pain behind Robin Williams' punchlines

Robin Williams spent decades battling addiction to cocaine and alcohol. Williams would sometimes turn his inner battles into the punchlines of his jokes. As brash and funny as his admissions sometimes seemed, they clearly did not tell the full story of his struggles. Wolf Blitzer takes a closer look.

There are plenty of Americans who are struggling with similar issues. Wolf discussed treatment options with Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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  1. drtodp

    I really liked Robin. I find it so hard to believe that people that have money, fame and pretty much everything they could want resort to drugs to lift them up. Sometimes I think that people abuse drugs because they are missing something in life. I have tried my share of drugs, but I am very conscience of the addictive nature of many drugs. People need to be aware of the addictive nature of many drugs and I think that is half the problem, they are not aware or do not care. The other half of the problem is their lives. Are they truly happy? Do they use drugs to help make them happy? It is unrealistic to think that life can be great all the time or even half the time even if you have loads of cash because MONEY does not bring happiness. We must all find ways to cope with depressive thoughts and drugs are definitely not the way to deal with depression. Find a hobby that you love to do that has nothing to do with drugs. If you have loads of money, use it to help others achieve their dreams if you have nothing better to do. Helping someone else is very good therapy as you see them succeed due to your help, but don't expect more out of it than making you feel good about lifting someone up. That kind of expectation can add to depression, like expecting them to bow down to you for helping them or expecting a return on your investment in terms of financial rewards. Be happy they were lifted up and you helped them, don't think about anything else. Try to help them stay on their feet since if you have loads of money, you obviously know how to make it or make more. Teach people how to make and keep money. There are so many wealthy people out there that are so depressed, well I have a recommendation, HELP OTHERS with your success. Pay it forward, it will make you happier than you can imagine to see a few people you touch do well. One piece of advice. Do not help the younger people since they have time, help the middle aged people that are struggling to start a business for example. Provide some guidance to help them grow. Be the best person you can be, humble and wise and not arrogant and selfish because when you die, you will either be remembered or forgotten based on your character.

    August 28, 2014 at 12:19 pm |

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