August 11th, 2014
11:44 PM ET

Michael Brown's mother calls for the police officer who opened fire to go to jail

Michael Brown had just graduated high school and was supposed to start his first college classes today. Instead his family is planning his funeral. Brown was shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday afternoon. The FBI has launched an investigation. Wolf Blitzer spoke with Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden who described her son as a gentle giant and a role model for his younger siblings. She was joined by Michael's father Michael Brown Sr. and family attorney Benjamin Crump.

There was a new flare up of violence in Ferguson tonight. Wolf discussed the protests and the shooting investigation with Police Chief Thomas Jackson.



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  1. hikenwrite

    Why is it that every time a young black man who has committed no crime is killed by the police people like you blame the victim and make excuses for a police force run amok?

    A police officer should not be killing an unarmed citizen simply because he was walking down a residential street in the middle of the afternoon.

    August 15, 2014 at 9:15 am |
  2. warthog6

    Why does it seem like every time the "black community" goes crazy and starts looting dollar stores and walmarts to protest some perceived injustice they have no real facts about, it always seems to involve some young black kid middling a white authority figure between injury and injustice with a totally preventable situation that responsible people would never end up in?

    August 14, 2014 at 3:08 am |

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