August 6th, 2014
10:09 PM ET

How a serial stowaway got through airport security and took off on a Southwest flight

62-year-old Marilyn Hartman is facing the possibility of six months in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. It's a situation she could have avoided if she just purchased an airplane ticket. She somehow managed to walk through a TSA checkpoint without showing her ID or boarding pass. She was also able to board a flight and takeoff without being noticed. This isn't the first time Hartman has tried this. Randi Kaye has her story.

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  1. omahakidw

    Questions that should have been asked is why the siege? Why can`t these people be able to live a good life ? Is Israel so controlling they can`t even have security to monitor who comes and who doesn`t cross into Israel? People of color were oppressed in this country and the oppression really hasn`t stopped. Is Egypt afraid to allow ordinary Gaza citizens to try to make a living? The real questions aren`t being addressed. Hamas is saying "open the border, allow people to leave", If Israel is concerned allow ordinary people whom they claim are their enemies to leave Gaza. Israel ies and everyone knows it. They slaughter people and the United States say very little, so why is this country worried about a plane being shot down and people dying, or ISIS killing innocents in Iraq. Sounds like a "double-standard" to me

    August 7, 2014 at 9:40 pm |
  2. omahakidw

    You need to report more on the dead bodies, body parts, how its wrong to do this they can be more responsible we all know what Hamas is saying no mystery here, but somehow life isn`t a big deal for you. Maybe if your family was being oppressed, and hope was at its lowest point and your "little piece" of land was being bombed I wonder if you`d be concerned with who started what !

    August 7, 2014 at 9:25 pm |
  3. omahakidw

    You guys are always focusing on "who started what". Innocents are being slaughtered, babies are dying, an entire culture, as well as infustructure is being destroyed and your commentary is "who started it" ?I wonder if those deaths matter to you at all. If Israel was so bad they would actually minimize those civilians they claim not to targeting by just going in on the ground and dealing with the rocket launchers. Just bombing the Gaza strip is killing people who have nothing to do with this. Israel can`t deal with Hamas, they are cowards otherwise they would do the ground thing without all the artillary ( Planes, Tanks, Ships) but they are scared and Netanyahu is a murderer, and so Israel is responsible for the bombing therefore the deaths are Israel responsibility. Life is precious, but you don`t think so I wonder why ?

    August 7, 2014 at 9:15 pm |

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