July 15th, 2014
10:54 PM ET

How can theme parks weed out would-be predators?

In her exclusive report first seen on AC360, Kyra Phillips reported on 42 alleged child predators captured in police stings in the Orlando, Florida area. Thirty-five of them worked at Disney theme parks, five at Universal Studios and two at Sea World. There were 32 convictions. None of the cases involved children or teens who were visiting the parks. U.S. Congressman Dennis Ross of Florida spoke to Anderson about legislation he is introducing that would allow companies to polygraph would-be employees before they begin working around children.

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  1. thecasualobserversleftnut

    This is a wonderful news story in that it is:
    1. Sensational.
    2. Statistically senseless and chock full of applied innumeracy.
    3. Made of whole cloth to create a phony problem of great concern, just the thing to draw attention to America's second most pathetic news outlet.
    4. Emotionally manipulative enough to generate all manner of plssing, moaning and hand wringing on the theme of "What about the chil-drunnn?"
    5. Immediately raises the question of how many CNN employees were accused of similar offenses since 2006.
    6. A perfect test demonstrating how dull-witted and easily manipulated 98 out of 100 Americans are, assuming the CNN news message boards are a fair sampling of the population. Evidently any capacity at all for critical thinking has finally been driven from the commons.

    July 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm |

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