June 4th, 2014
11:46 PM ET

Creator of 'Slenderman' speaks out about Wisconsin stabbing

It is a tragedy that seems too disturbing to be believed. Two 12-year old girls are facing criminal charges and are accused of nearly stabbing their friend to death. Police say they did it to impress a fictional character named "Slenderman." Now the man who created that character is speaking out about the tragedy. Miguel Marquez has the latest on this troubling case.

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  1. eldoradoenterprises

    I have a problem with the obvious state of obliviousness that many portray towards the reasons that people have been emulating their favorite Hollywood and MSM news agencies lately....

    There are more "copycat killers" than ever before and its due not to the nature of the productions that are being created, not due to their subject matter, or R-Ratings.....

    No its due to the newer forms of "Live" broadcast technologies and "Enhancement" technologies that have taken these real world events, and given them somewhat of a compelling underlying reinforcement from these states of Deliberate Indifference that everyone uses as the reason for this happening........

    They are crazy.........get with the program they say.....

    Well who's doing all the Programming ??? And what type of Neural Interfaces have been integrated into the function of the Tele-Vision.....?? At what rate does the Flicker occur during these 'Programs' ???, and at what point does it induce a Hypnotic effect on the brain??

    Those are the questions we should be asking......how does your hair stand on end at a scary movie??? Scientifically speaking of course.

    June 13, 2014 at 12:58 pm |

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