May 28th, 2014
09:45 PM ET

Report: 42 VA hospitals now under investigation 

A shocking new report on problems at the Phoenix VA hospital details at least 1,700 veterans who were waiting to see a doctor and were never scheduled for an appointment. They were also never placed on a wait list. A new report from the VA's Office of the Inspector General confirms much of what AC360 has been reporting for months now. It found vets spent months waiting for care and Phoenix employees cooked the books to hide it. The scandal is expanding with 42 VA hospitals now under investigation. Drew Griffin is Keeping Them Honest and has the latest on the shocking report.

Anderson discussed the findings with Drew Griffin along with Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

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  1. tizzleusmc

    ok im a marine that got out in late 2008 as an OEF veteran. when i was able to go get help from the VA i figured i would take advantage of what i had earned to get the help i deserve. well i started going for multiple issuses I had occured during my service ptsd, both knees, ringing in my ears, slight hearing lose, and the list goes on. so i go for my ptsd see a man here he ends up being a social worker so i wasted months for nothing after i tell them that it wasnt helping they set me up with someone new and if you couldnt guess well ya I go to see this person and tell her my issuses and bam here you go lets cram as many pills down your throat as possible none of the pills helped they just make you feel weird like a zombie so i tell them again that i came to talk to someone that understands the effects of ptsd and that could help me to cope better well that finally happened about 2 years ago but they make the appointments so far from each other or if you cant make it they dont get you back in for almost 2 months. i mean i havent slept with my wife since the last time i lashed out in my sleep while in bed with her when i knocked her teeth out i felt so bad i stopped sleeping with her and even thought about ending myself. then with my knees which started hurting after the humps in boot camp but i pushed through it because pain is weakness leaving the body right well not all the time its not so i had it noted while i was still in. well i went and had x-rays and mri's done almost 5 years ago they said i had probable tears in my laterl meniscus so i went back to ortho and they did nothing they told me that there wasnt any tear to do physical theopy and if that didnt help to come back so i did and it didnt help so i went back and thats when it started they sent me to rheumatology because i was always in pain well they told me it wasnt anything dealing with rheumatology so they sent me back to ortho well i went back and they still would not help me they sent me to pain management which to months to see and when i did it was with a psychologist that tried to say it was because of my ptsd so last year i went outside the VA and got a second opinion with the mri's from the VA the doctor wanted to do surgery the following week on one knee and after recovery do the other one. i took the evidence back to the VA and they still would not do anything so just recently i went outside the VA to get my right knee done which i had tears in the lateral and medial meniscus plus bone fragments. I AM TIRED OF THE VA THIS IS A PLACE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP US VETS WHEN WE GET BACK NOT KILL US OFF OR MAKE US SUFFER FOR YEARS AFTER WE GET OUT MOST OF US HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH FROM BEING IN THE MILITARY WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT YEARS AND PLAY GAMES TO GET HELP SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE FAST ABOUT THE EMPLOYEES OF THE VA FROM THE LEADERSHIP DOWN THERES SO MUCH MORE THAT I COULD SAY BUT ILL JUST END WITH THIS WE GO AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE ELSES AROUND THE WORLD AS WELL WE DESERVE TO BE TREATED RIGHT AND IF A VA EMPLOYEE DOES NOT DO THERE JOB RIGHT THEY NEED TO BE FIRED PLUS WITH THIS BACK LOG FOR BENEFITS ITS A JOKE MAYBE THEY SHOULD DO THERE JOBS I TALKED TO A PERSON IN THE CALL CENTER AFTER WAITING SIX PLUS MONTH TRING TO SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON HE SAID HE WOULD PUT IN ANOTHER INQUIREY I TOLD HIM THAT I WAS GOING TO GO UP AND SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON IF THEY WERE WORKING ON IT OR STUFFING THERE FACES WITH COFFEE AND DONUTS 2 DAYS LATER I RECIVED A LETTER FROM THE REGINAL OFFICE SAYING THEY WERE SORRY FOR THE DELAY THAT THEY WERE WORKING ON IT SO THATS HOW YOU GET A RESPONSE BY SAYING YOUR COMING TO SEE WHATS GOING ON THESE PEOPLE ARE WORTHLESS THIS IS GOING ON AT THE VA'S ALL AROUND BUT MY VA'S ARE YOUNGSTOWN AND CLEVELAND IN OHIO THERE SHOULD BE STUFF ON THE VA PROBLEM ON EVERY STATION TILL IT IS FIXED BECAUSE WITHOUT VETERANS NOBODY WOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM THEY HAVE.

    June 26, 2014 at 9:37 am |
  2. nursevet

    Which 42 VA hospitals are under investigation? I cannot find a list anywhere.

    May 31, 2014 at 11:55 am |
  3. sueables2014

    It's infuriating that the media is acting completely outraged all of a sudden. This has been going on for decades with the VA. DECADES!!!!! Our veterans have never been treated well at the VA. It's a battle for every little treatment they receive. Suicide rate is alarming among Vets. Now that you're finally paying attention, media, do not let up!!

    May 30, 2014 at 2:35 am |

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