May 20th, 2014
10:10 PM ET

26 Veterans Affairs facilities under investigation

For months on AC360, CNN Senior Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin has reported on the delays at VA hospitals. Some veterans have died while waiting for care, according to a former VA doctor.

An internal Veterans Affairs memo from 2010 has now surfaced after being first disclosed during a congressional hearing. The four-year-old memo shows VA deputy undersecretary William Schoenhard warned of "inappropriate scheduling practices" and a growing practice of "gaming strategies" being used to cover up excessive waits for veterans.

Drew Griffin and Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta report the latest details. Plus, the first whistleblower from the Phoenix VA, Dr. Sam Foote, joins the conversation and weighs in on the developments.

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  1. warthog6

    I'm grateful that you are digging so deep, and sticking to this story every day, instead of just throwing out some drama and moving onto another topic. I hope you know how important you are, and how grateful veterans are for your help.

    I'm 100% service-connected disabled, and I'm TERRIFIED of the VA that my life depends on, and that my father's life unfortunately depended on.

    I served with a tactical Military Police Company at the US Army Infantry Center, and also in combat. I remember our Captain giving a speech in formation about how we were the FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE for lawful behavior on a base where 75,000 predators practice killing people all day. I remember the enormous sense of AWE I felt on hearing that.

    Now the job is yours. Now YOU are the FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE for lawful behavior at the VA. They are answerable to NOBODY else. The very fact that they are able to maintain a considered policy and uniform nationwide program for murdering disabled veterans, collecting bonuses, and lying to cover it up, spanning countless hospitals–this is proof that they are beyond prosecution, they are outside the jurisdiction of courts and police, and keep their own private army of police who answer to nobody but THEM.

    They are so certain of their safety, they have even ignored the media for years. ONLY now–with the constant and relentless pressure of the media, are we finally able to have the possibility of justice.

    It's all up to you now. The lives of countless veterans, along with the safety of our widows and orphans are in your hands now.


    May 24, 2014 at 12:46 pm |
  2. warthog6

    Federal institutions are immune from prosecution and have their own police force.

    This is the root of all the injustices of the VA They can throw anyone under the bus for any reason, and who are you going to call? Police? Local courts? Attorneys? Labor commissioner? The VA answers to nobody.

    For years now, the VA has maintained a nationwide coverup program to murder patients, collect bonuses, and keep it secret. Name ANY private hospital chain that could get away with that! The VA lies about investigating. The VA lies about investigation being "independent." The VA has no liability. The VA publicizes vouchers, but doesn't use them. The VA does not have to pay it's legitimate bills to other hospitals for veterans' care. The VA has nothing to fear from anyone.

    If you're getting completely screwed by the VA, there is nothing you can do about it. You can't even stand in front with a sign, because they have their own police force that does whatever the suits want. they will arrest you for protest.

    They even chase the media away–and that's part of the bill of rights!

    This is why the same nonsense has been going on for years! it's because there's nothing veterans can do about it. Want proof? Ask any disabled veteran! Look at constant complaints that have gone ignored all across the country by every branch of government, by every party, by every administration.

    I want insurance to a private hospital–who will have to answer to someone for mistreating my unconscious body, or murdering me and lying about it, or chasing away the media when they come to help!

    Fxxk the VA. Fxxk the "VA OIG." Fxxk Shinseki. Fxxk Obama. Fxxk the dem and rep parties. Fxxk every last one of these lying, murdering traitors.

    Fxxk them all right up their stupid fxxking axxes, and fxxk everyone who has a problem with that. I hope you all die in a fire, get sent to the VA, and someone gets a bonus for disappearing your corpse and lying about it.

    May 24, 2014 at 11:07 am |

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