May 19th, 2014
10:37 PM ET

Keeping Them Honest: President Obama learned of Phoenix VA allegations from CNN

The growing crisis at the VA has President Obama "madder than hell." That's according to his Chief of Staff who says he has "the scars to prove it." Drew Griffin spent months investigating the VA and uncovering a doctor's shocking allegations that a Phoenix VA hospital was keeping a fake waiting list to hide long waits. While AC360 is Keeping Them Honest, Drew is also keeping the White House informed. Jay Carney acknowledged today that the President learned of the allegations at the Phoenix VA from watching CNN.

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  1. kittykelso

    Hello AC. I hope this fancy note finds you well. I am glad to find the "Keeping them Honest" phase of your show. You are a product of evening TV, as you bring talent and insight into the conversations put before you.

    I have opened my Google+ site and, I have invited the world to share their photos in groups of two or more to be possibly be picked for a gallery showing in New York & hopefully LA. I have received the most beautiful photos from across the countries and been surprised at the calm and the beauty of what has only looked like pieces of a puzzle on a map or a globe. You will be amazed too, I am sure. I would bet my reputation that you and your photographer have some you could add to my site from all of your travels. Drop by and take a look. Scroll down, down, down.

    I didn't expect millions of pictures, but that is what I have received. Google will no doubt help to categorize them and we will have judges to pick the first 100 contenders.

    What I would like from you, is advice on what would be the best place to hold such a gallery of possibly 2-3 artistic view groups? Wine, h'orderves, et. al. Good lighting, popular for invitations on a Saturday night, would be my first choice. I have been begging Google to sponsor the events, and we will have the best of the best artists for the judging to get to that setting in the gallery. Can you suggest a good site, so I can create a budget to submit to the sponsor of this great world event? I would be forever grateful. Ask your friends, CNN, and others who might be interested in this fantastic opportunity to show their views.

    Thank you, AC. Kitty Kelso (URNUTEACHR@gmail.com) and a proud comment writer for your CNN!

    June 3, 2014 at 3:16 pm |
  2. williamrussellmorley

    simple solution to VA problem – make all workers there use the system – then they'd be real changes real fast – the day of the aristocratic gov worker who gets fed civil service "private insurance" and the va patient getting their horrible selfish treatment if they do show up for work is wrong as wrong can be – let social security workers pay into social security, let obamacare workers get obamacare not fed civil services "private health insurance" .....why this double standard that if you are supposed to be working for the people, you get better care than the people you are supposed to be working for? why build 2 hospitals – one for the poor veteran who gets lousy care ,and another for the civil servants who are supposed to be working for them get a better, newer , more responsive logical and medically appropriate health care system???

    May 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm |
  3. murphylass

    CNN, no disrespect intended, but lately, you have been easy to poke fun at, especially when it comes to missing planes. CNN – the Malaysia 24/7 network (until, of course, Malaysia stops talking). However, in all seriousness, if the President of the United States is getting his briefings via CNN, the entire country has a reason to worry. He really expects everyone to believe that CNN was the first time he heard of the mess in the VA? If that's true, what was his 2007 speech condemning Bush's stature as a military leader and wait times at the VA (at that point; today, wait times can go over 24 hours in real time). I'm sorry Mrs. Bush didn't like it, but when you're in your late 60's when you take office, there realy is nowhere to go that will provide more safety.

    May 20, 2014 at 1:14 pm |

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