March 31st, 2014
09:43 PM ET

No sign of Flight 370, no sign of giving up the search

Planes and ships are combing the Indian Ocean for any sign of the missing plane. The hope is they can zero in on the location while the black boxes are still pinging their locations. Navy Commander William Marks is looking for Flight 370 on the USS Blue Ridge. He tells Anderson they are spotting debris everyday, but so far "nothing associated with the aircraft."

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  1. Frank R. Ruperto

    Sooner or later, debris from 370 will eventually wash up on some shore.
    When it is discovered, we might be able to trace its origin by
    analyzing the ocean currents from the moment 370 went missing to when and where
    debris washed up! Does this make any sense to you? Also, Zinc Chromate
    (a greenish anti-corrosive primer) is used as a permanent coating for
    interior and hidden surfaces of Boeing aircraft.With this in mind,
    optical filters could be used to identify objects with this particular
    coating. Ocean currents and other chaotic phenomena are supposed to be inherently
    unpredictable. But mathematicians are finding a method to nature's
    madness It seems that it is only fluidic flows within transport barriers that
    are less chaotic and more predictable. It's not precise, but by using computer modeling of a chaotic system,
    it could narrow it down. This is a classic example of using
    probabilities and statistics. Our current technology has been pretty
    good at forecasting weather, so let's apply all our knowledge to speed
    up the solution to this mystery!

    March 31, 2014 at 11:35 pm |

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