March 20th, 2014
05:15 PM ET

Could this autonomous underwater vehicle find Flight 370?

Tonight on AC360 Randi Kaye visits the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to get a first hand look at REMUS. It stands for Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS, and it was used to help locate the wreckage of Air France Flight 447. It was also used to detect mines in the Persian Gulf and leaks in underwater tunnels. The Navy says it can do the work of up to 16 divers, and go places where they cannot.

Check out a behind the scenes look at Randi's report.

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  1. biogemk

    I am wondering if someone could elaborate on the passenger from Australia? Did he leave behind his personal items for his children every time he traveled? Was he concerned for his safety in this new job? It seems so odd that someone would leave these things behind unless they thought they would not be returning.
    I am posting this for my mother who does not have the internet, but this circumstance surrounding this passenger have been bothering her. I promised I would post it for her

    March 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm |

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