March 18th, 2014
09:53 PM ET

AC360 Exclusive: Inside ACARS

Since Flight 370 disappeared there has been plenty of talk about the plane's ACARS system. That's one of the two communications systems that stopped broadcasting before the plane lost contact. To the untrained eye, ACARS may look like a a bunch of computers and wires. But how hard is it to turn off? Anderson got a closer look with Jim Sciutto and former NTSB member and aircraft mechanic John Goglia.

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  1. arizonatrade2014

    After watching AC360 this morning, I can't help but wonder. Is it possible that someone of "Knowledge" of the aircraft flight system was aboard that plane as a stowaway, in the communications control room, just below the cockpit, and could have placed this plane in the situation it appears to have been in? Watching AC360, it showed how easy it would be to disable most of the onboard communication tools, and possibly even depressurize that plane. According to the pilots interviewed, no one ever goes down there just prior to the flight so I can't help thinking what a perfect location to be in if you're determined to disable and bring down an aircraft... Possible??

    March 19, 2014 at 2:51 am |

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