March 14th, 2014
11:12 PM ET

WSJ: Flight 370 probe focuses on sabotage

Wall Street Journal reporter Andy Pasztor reports new information about the investigation into Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Pasztor told Anderson, "In a space of six hours, someone or a group turned off three different signaling systems on that aircraft to hide its location. And investigators also believe that about an hour after takeoff, just after the transponders stopped operating someone manually made the aircraft turn to the left."

Pasztor also said this information suggests that the cause of the missing flight may be "some kind of sabotage, terrorism, whatever you want to call it, but not an accident."

Airline Pilot Ron Brown, along with David Gallo, who co-led the search for Air France Flight 447, and Robert Baer, CNN National Security Analyst react to Andy Pasztor's reporting.

Pasztor explains why Flight 370's path might have been manually changed and why searchers are focused on the Indian Ocean.

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  1. ashft

    s there any one thought about Russia?May be orchestrated by Russia to change focus?

    March 17, 2014 at 11:39 pm |
  2. georgiepieman

    I'm curious to know what airline Ron Brown supposedly flew for, and what operating experience he has on the 772? Or is he just another one of the many "self-proclaimed experts" CNN appears to attract to it's cameras. David Gallo is one of a handful of people appearing on CNN who can truthfully claim any meaningful hands-on expertise in this type of investigations.

    March 14, 2014 at 11:54 pm |

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