February 26th, 2014
10:09 PM ET

Tax evasion Credit Suisse style

A Senate investigation is exposing the secret tactics used by one of Switzerland's largest banks to help rich Americans hide their cash. Credit Suisse customers transported money in pantyhose, handed off bank documents in magazines, and even made transactions in secret meeting rooms accessible by special remote-control elevators. That is just part of the story of how the bank helped hide tens of billions of dollar from the I.R.S. Brian Todd has the full report.

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  1. juliamaygeorge

    I saw Spike Lee on CNN last night being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Spike was bemoaning the gentrification of NYC, specifically Brooklyn and Harlem. The white people moving in. The garbage being picked up daily. The loss of character of the neighborhoods. Ironic. Few are whiter and more privileged than Anderson, but to his credit, he offered a sympathetic ear.

    I probably wouldn't have cared much what Mr. Lee had to say either way except that he was lamenting the tear down of Chicago's infamous housing project, Cabrini Green, and moving some of the poor black folks to the suburbs. Well, that does suck, I sure as hell don't want to live in the suburbs either, BUT... when I was growing up the only stories I heard about Cabrini Green were of toddlers falling to their deaths, residents and cops being shot and visitors beaten to death or worse, living through it. A number of my classmates had firsthand knowledge of the place so I believed their stories to be more or less true. When I was told white people didn't dare set foot there, I took it at face value.

    Now the last thing a 55 year old white girl (born of a Cuban-American mother and an Irish, previously Catholic, atheist member of the Communist Party, father) who was raised in Old Town during the 1960's expects to be called is a racist but I'm willing to risk it to speak my version of the truth.

    It isn't just black people who have had their neighborhoods gentrified. (And by the way there are plenty of neighborhoods that were once considered middle class that have now gone downhill; they are loaded with the character of which Spike speaks.) Old Town is a perfect example. When I grew up it was overrun with hippie artist Bohemian types and peppered with some affluent open minded folks. But times have changed. I don't like it either but that's what happens when you live a while. Change. Get used to it. I'm way more upset with what has happened to our food supply and the power of big pharma. We all have an ax to grind. It's great that Spike Lee has a forum for his views. Make a movie. Support a museum or some type of business in Harlem or Brooklyn to help preserve the culture. But give up on the class warfare, its getting old.

    February 27, 2014 at 4:41 pm |

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