February 5th, 2014
12:23 AM ET

Law enforcement struggles with the heroin epidemic

Heroin use is soaring in the U.S. That's despite police spending decades working to get the drug off the streets. Anderson spoke with the chair of the Anthropology Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and former undercover DEA agent Michael Levine about the battle against the drug

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  1. ginnybrett

    As I watched this interview, I really wanted to hear more from Michael Levine. I wanted to hear more about his personal theory on drug use and mental health. The story of his brother's death was incredibly raw and relevant. When loved ones slip into a depression that leads to drug use and eventual suicide, what can we do to help? I wanted more on this. I did not find the other man's discussion of safe injection programs persuasive but he did not have much time to describe what this type of program entails or how it helps the addicted. Two great guests but not well paired. It would be great to have a discussion that is not rushed and offers some deeper insight into this problem.

    February 5, 2014 at 1:07 pm |
  2. seasonofchangeministries

    I am of the opinion that safe injection sites is one of the dumber idea's you'll come across. It would've been nice if Anderson had asked the "expert" where the junkie gets the money for their dope? Would you believe criminal activity, I.E. theft and prostitution? The junkie they interviewed said she shot up over 5 times a day. Do the math. It seems to me that the injection sites only serve to perpetuate the addiction and the crime that goes along with it.
    The possibility of recovery only begins when a person hits rock bottom. Perpetuating the dynamics where the risk/reward factor of using can be marginalized and rationalized in the addicts head only motivates them to stay in the cycle and not get out of it. COME-ON GUYS ... GET A GRIP! The idea is give them reasons to get off it ... not stay on it.
    I had a junkie crying in my office last week because he's terrified of what will happen if he leaves rehab and sticks another needle in his arm! That's a healthy fear to have because it can motivate the individual to do the next right thing. An injection site only gives the junkie one more reason to avoid rehab!

    February 5, 2014 at 1:28 am |

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