January 16th, 2014
12:27 AM ET

Deadly moments after the Asiana crash

Cameras were rolling as first responders arrived to help the victims of Asiana Flight 214. One camera was mounted on a helmet, another on a robot. They are shedding new light on how one young woman survived the crash, but did not survive the rescue.

Anderson discussed all of this with Legal Analysts Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos.


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  1. Bernadette

    Although the story indicates that the coroner said the girl was alive, how did anyone on the scene know that she was alive? This question is shockingly not asked during the story on 360 and for the life of me it seems that either someone had checked her body, which by the very fact she is being referred to as a body, indicates that they felt it was a dead body. If it were someone alive, wouldn't she be referred to as a person on the ground in front of your truck and of course if that was the case, emergency workers would never have acted in this way. Isn't the question was she alive and did everyone assume that she had been checked before they arrived? This was terribly frustrating to watch this story and wonder why this question was not discussed.

    January 16, 2014 at 2:04 am |

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