November 21st, 2013
11:48 PM ET

RidicuList: Spice thieves

A Portland man is trying to figure out how to protect his garden. He is not fighting off squirrels or raccoons, but fellow chefs stealing his herbs. Only on the RidicuList.
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November 21st, 2013
11:44 PM ET

The mystery surrounding Jackie Kennedy's pink suit

Jackie Kennedy's pink suit is one of the most enduring images from the day of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. Fifty years later, it is locked up inside the National Archives. Randi Kaye explains why it won't be seen by the public anytime soon.
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November 21st, 2013
11:42 PM ET

George Zimmerman's wife speaks out

It has not been a great week for George Zimmerman. First he was arrested on domestic violence charges in an incident involving his girlfriend. He spent Monday night in jail, where he was served with divorce papers. Today his soon to be ex-wife, Shellie Zimmerman, appeared on Katie Couric's talk show "Katie." Anderson looks at what she said and discusses it with Mark O'Mara, one of the attorneys who helped win Zimmerman's acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case.

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November 21st, 2013
11:35 PM ET

Chatter changes: Why you may soon be able to make cell phone calls mid-flight

First the FAA relaxed rules allowing passengers to use electronics during take-offs and landings. Now cell phone calls in-flight may soon be allowed. Richard Quest tells Anderson why the changes are likely inevitable. He also says he understands why Anderson would never want to sit next to him on a plane.
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November 21st, 2013
11:32 PM ET

Kendrick Johnson Case: Tale of the tapes

There are new questions about video evidence in the death of Kendrick Johnson. He is the 17-year old from Georgia whose body was found inside a rolled-up wrestling mat in his high school's gym. Authorities ruled the case an accident, but Kendrick's parents have always believed their son was murdered. There are serious questions about sloppy forensic work and the poor treatment of Johnson's remains. Doubts deepened after CNN obtained hundreds of hours of surveillance video from the school. Victor Blackwell has more on what this video says and what it doesn't say about Kendrick Johnson's death.
Watch Part 2 of Victor's report:
Anderson discussed all of this with Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin and former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin.
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November 21st, 2013
11:28 PM ET

Filibusted. Did the Democrats nuke business as usual on Capitol Hill?

Democratic leaders pulled the trigger and changed historic rules in the Senate today. They did it to break through Republican blocks on a string of President Obama's judicial appointments. Anderson breaks down what happened on Capitol Hill today, and discusses it with Dana Bash and Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin.
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November 21st, 2013
12:26 AM ET

Things you wanted to know about Dr. Ruth but were afraid to ask

Dr. Ruth may be best known for educating America about sex. But did you know was a sniper and knows how to throw grenades? It turns out she was a pretty good shot. Dr. Ruth joins the AC360 Later panel and offers up some surprising stories about herself.
November 21st, 2013
12:18 AM ET

Life after the White House

Everyone is talking about President George W. Bush's appearance on The Tonight Show and the portrait he painted for Jay Leno. His new passion for painting is an unexpected window into his life post-presidency. The AC360 Later panel looks at the legacies of some recent Presidents.

November 21st, 2013
12:15 AM ET

Was JFK a great President?

Fifty years after his assassination, President John F. Kennedy is remembered as one of America's most inspirational presidents. But was he a great president? Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein joins the AC360 Later panel and weighs in. Bernstein also shares his memories of breaking the news of the Kennedy assassination.