November 15th, 2013
10:00 PM ET

Web Exclusive: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?

50 years later, there are still plenty of unanswered questions about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Was Lee Harvey Oswald working with Cuban spies? What was he doing in Mexico City weeks before the assassination? 360's Randi Kaye discusses all of this with author Philip Shenon.

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  1. hen macame

    I watch this show and found something very interesting about the last 5 mins or so when you showed the actual motorcade...It show the exact footage of when the motorcade turned by the book depository on deely plaza... Freeze the frame and you will see that the 5 and 6 floor of the book depository have someone in the window as the motorcade turns...so do you still think Oswald acted alone

    November 17, 2013 at 1:20 pm |

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