September 20th, 2013
01:00 AM ET

Raw Politics: Time running out for budget deal

Time is running out for lawmakers to strike a deal to prevent the government from shutting down. It's Republican vs. Republican in the latest round of this budget battle. The House is preparing to vote on a bill that would keep the government running, but also defund Obamacare. It's a measure that stands virtually no chance in the Senate, and would face a near certain veto from the president. While some Tea Party members in Congress are pushing for this vote, others in the GOP are warning of a disaster. Anderson discussed all of this with CNN's John King, chief political analyst Gloria Borger, and political commentator Ana Navarro.

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  1. David Spearman

    Regarding Mr. Boerhner's comment, Americans don't want a Gov. shutdown and Americans don't want Obama Care
    of course we don't want a gov shutdown // where Obama Care is concerned allow us Americans to vote on that
    a hostasge situation is not necessary by some Republians //// thank you

    September 20, 2013 at 9:12 pm |

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