September 12th, 2013
01:05 AM ET

Is disarming the Assad regime "Mission Impossible"?

David Kay was America's chief weapons inspector in Iraq, and he says there are likely hundreds of people qualified to search for chemical weapons in Syria. But he estimates the job would we require at least 2,000 inspectors. Anderson spoke to him and former CIA officer Bob Baer about what the inspectors would do once they are inside Syria, and the difficulty of completing their mission.
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  1. SBelleville

    Thank you M. Anderson for you awesome reporting. You, Mrs. Amanpour and M. Zacharia are the best at covering all the angles. Considering what you have done and what you're able to do, I wish you were more free to express the full extent of your analysis like you used to do in your international reporting though.

    Syria will never disarm. The CW they have is a deterrent against Israel nukes. Seriously bomb Syria and you will end up killing everyone and everything in the region thanks to the CW dispersing. It will be inhabitable for years. Thereby, this is a false question. He will not repeat the same "mistakes" that Hussein and other dictators did.

    M. Putin is buying time in order to have what he cherish the most, even over his people: his own precious private show, The Sochi Winter Olympics. Period.
    Also, the big elephant in the room is...China.
    Nobody is talking about the other real big player (China) with its warships nearby Syria and all their interests in the region (including Africa)...I wonder why?

    Many Thanks

    September 12, 2013 at 7:29 pm |

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