July 24th, 2013
10:13 PM ET

Congressman Steve King on immigration controversy

As Republicans try to make inroads with Latino voters ahead of the next election, Iowa Congressman Steve King is making comments on immigration that angered both parties. He compared the children of undocumented immigrants to drug mules.  He's facing the some of the fiercest backlash from fellow Republicans.  House Speaker John Boehner calling King's comments "hateful language".  Tonight Congressman King addresses the controversy and his critics.

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  1. Aaron S

    Unfortunately, I am represented by Steve King, but he does not represent the views of the majority in his district. I think the debate needs to change from how many illegals are smuggling drugs across the border and more to why they are. They get paid more to smuggle the drugs across the border than they can working a job for cash off the books somewhere. Get these dreamers their citizenship, get them educated, and make marijuana legal. There is no reason it should be illegal if alcohol is legal. By making it legal, you end the need for smuggling, you get non-violent offenders out of our jails, you reduce the number of people on the border with guns, you reduce the violence in Mexico and the border.

    July 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm |
  2. D Fisher

    It's scary how the Republicans keep producing people like Steve King. Why is this guy obsessing over the size of Latino calves? Since when did the size of someone's calves become evidence of illegality?

    July 25, 2013 at 4:58 pm |

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