July 19th, 2013
09:04 PM ET

President Obama on racial divide

Cornell Belcher, Joshua DuBois, Michaela Angela Davis and CNN's Candy Crowley panel discuss President Obama's remarks on race and the justice system in the context of the United States’ "very difficult history."

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  1. Diane

    I am horrified at the witch hunt of Zimmerman that was created and inflamed by the media. I don't want ANYONE regardless of race loitering in my neighborhood. Sometimes it's the folks in the neighborhood who vandalize or break and enter. I encourage my son and his friends to keep their faces exposed (hoodies down, no masks) b/c people are less fearful of faces they can see...and they're white. This is not a racial discrimination case. We need to get off GZ's back and look at the real issues...please...media, help us here since the president and attorney general are not.

    July 20, 2013 at 2:27 pm |

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