July 17th, 2013
10:00 PM ET

President Obama walks fine line on race, justice

How is President Obama trying to publicly manage the Zimmerman case and race issues? Randi Kaye reports.

July 17th, 2013
09:59 PM ET

Alexander case and Stand Your Ground law

AC360's legal panel and Marissa Alexander's attorney, Bruce Zimet, discuss his client's appeal and Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

July 17th, 2013
09:50 PM ET

'Stand Your Ground' didn't work for her

Gary Tuchman updates the case of Florida woman, Marissa Alexander, who is serving 20 years in prison after her "stand your ground" defense failed.

July 17th, 2013
09:45 PM ET

New spotlight on Stand Your Ground laws

The AC360 legal panel discusses juror B37's description of how the Stand Your Ground law affected the Zimmerman verdict.

Tonight on AC360: Trayvon Martin's parents speak out
July 17th, 2013
06:25 PM ET

Tonight on AC360: Trayvon Martin's parents speak out

Trayvon Martin's parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin sit down with Anderson Cooper to talk about the Zimmerman trial verdict, their thoughts on Juror B37's comments about deliberations and how their family is moving forward.
Tune in Thursday at 8 and 11 p.m. ET.

Statement from Juror B37
July 17th, 2013
02:42 PM ET

Statement from Juror B37

Below is an additional statement given exclusively to CNN this morning from Juror B37 following her interview with Anderson Cooper on AC360.

"Thank you for the opportunity to vent some of the anguish which has been in me since the trial began. For reasons of my own, I needed to speak alone. There will be no other interviews. My prayers are with all those who have the influence and power to modify the laws that left me with no verdict option other than "not guilty" in order to remain within the instructions. No other family should be forced to endure what the Martin family has endured.(Read more)

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July 17th, 2013
12:50 AM ET

Martin case: What shall I tell my kids?

At the AC360 "Race and Justice" town hall, Charles Blow, Geoffrey Canada, Sunny Hostin and Anna Deavere Smith discussed the difficulty of explaining the Trayvon Martin case to children.

July 17th, 2013
12:41 AM ET

Angela Corey: Juror selection due to seating

Anderson Cooper asks Florida prosecutor Angela Corey why there were no African-Americans on the Zimmerman jury.

July 17th, 2013
12:38 AM ET

Crump: Juror did not understand Trayvon Martin

Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump reacts to juror B37's comments that race was not a factor in their verdict.

July 17th, 2013
12:34 AM ET

Geragos: Incompetent prosecution

Mark Geragos, Paul Henderson and Jeffrey Toobin discuss the way prosecutors handled their case against George Zimmerman.

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