July 16th, 2013
01:59 AM ET

Juror: Zimmerman feared for his life

In an exclusive interview on AC360, Juror B37 talked to Anderson Cooper about why the jury decided to acquit George Zimmerman.

Anderson spoke to "New Day" about the interview and behind the scenes moments with the juror.


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  1. Lyne Rauta

    Regarding the Zimmerman trial; I have served on a Federal Jury in the past and I am having a difficult time understanding why this Jury was so confused about the jury instructions. Typically the instructions are very clear.
    The one fact that seems to be either ignored or down played is the police dispatcher instructed Zimmerman to leave
    the citizen alone. Thus being said, Zimmerman ignored the police dispatcher's advisement to leave him alone. Police dispatchers represent the law. Zimmerman was intent on following this citizen merely based on prior crimes being committed in the neighborhood. This does not mean that Trayvon Martin was a criminal or responsible for prior criminal activity in the community. Neighborhood watch programs do not mean that members track down citizens walking down the street. Trayvon Martin was being followed, any person walking in a neighborhood would be concerned for their own well being when being followed by someone. Teens are susceptible to being accosted by strangers. Trayvon Martin had every right to stand his ground. Zimmerman sought this individual out while being armed. It appears to be very clear that Zimmerman had profiled Martin and his intent was to confront him. A young teenager should not have to explain themselves to a complete stranger as to what they are doing in the neighborhood. Or anyone, for that fact, since Martin was simply walking down the street minding his own business. It is sad to know that a young life was taken only because of his attire. My prayers are with the Martin Family. Thank you Anderson Cooper for following this story.

    July 16, 2013 at 9:20 pm |
  2. Felicia

    Mr. Cooper can you please ask this question, throw race out of the window, Zimmerman follows TM , gets out of his car and then TM gets the upper head on Zimmerman in a fight that would have never taken place if Zimmerman would have not approarched this teenager. Is not Zimmerrman responsible for everything that takes place there after? TM did not follow Zimmerman, he did not profile Zimmerman. How can a man create a situation and then become afraid for his life and kill a child even though they thrmselves created the problem? How can the law allow a man to create a problem and then kill a person because they can not handle what they started? An child has lost his life, a family forever destroy and no one is at fault, how can this be?

    July 16, 2013 at 3:51 pm |
  3. BillB

    Correction: More likely that should have been Trayvon's (left) hip and (left) leg.

    July 16, 2013 at 1:58 pm |
  4. BillB

    An enormous amount of hot air has been expelled over elements of the Zimmerman trial instead of focusing on the few key seconds that led to Trayvon Martin's death. Let's give Zimmerman the benefit of considerable doubt and assume he had a genuine fear for his life. Now, let's move to the time period between Zimmerman getting his hands on his gun and pulling the trigger – presumably a matter of just a few seconds. Let's also assume Trayvon Martin was straddled on top of Zimmerman. That would have given Zimmerman places on Trayvon's body that would have immobilized him – his (right) hip and his (right) leg. – but wouldn't have killed him. Instead, Zimmerman chose to kill Trayvon – a totally unnecessary act. Seems like murder to me.

    July 16, 2013 at 1:56 pm |
  5. Diana S Lane

    I am sorry that Anderson did not ask the juror B837 if she thought Treyvon was afraid. He had called George "creepy".
    That tells me he was upset about being followed. Maybe he thought he was going to be attacked or worse.

    July 16, 2013 at 10:22 am |

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