June 17th, 2013
10:36 PM ET

Borger: Behind the slide in Obama's poll numbers

Since President Obama seems to be a reflective soul, he must be reflecting on the irony of his latest predicament: as the man who came into office promising to change everything and who instead seems to have let much of what he promised to fix only get worse.

First, the good news: Slowly but surely, the economy is coming back. And that's no small feat, given where it was in 2009.

Then, everything else: The constitutional scholar, civil libertarian and antiwar activist can't seem to wake up each day without some basic challenge to his political ecology. The confirmed presence of chemical weapons in Syria now makes some sort of escalation there inevitable, just as the war in Afghanistan winds down. (More military support for the rebels? No-fly zone?)


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  1. Andy Downs (58 November)

    No one has had the guts to to ask 2 basic questions of our government these days.

    1. How does Obama feel about the fact that the same surveillance programs that tried to kill the civil rights movement and its leaders, are now being supported by the 1st black President

    2. If these surveillance programs are just to find terrorists, then ask the next few guests to define a terrorist. If there is no consistent legal definition then how do you arrest or put one on trial. If there is no set definition then anyone can be one. If anyone can be defined as one for making problems or raising issues, or protesting, then we are all in trouble

    June 18, 2013 at 1:06 am |