June 5th, 2013
10:47 PM ET

RidicuList: Gargoyle controversy

What could possibly be the problem with a nine-foot, anatomically correct, metal gargoyle? The RidicuList is on the case.

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June 5th, 2013
10:44 PM ET

Boston bombing survivor meets woman she says saved her life

Editor's note: If you'd like to help Erika cover the cost of some of her medical bills, her friends have established the Erika Brannock Fund to collect donations.

Erika Brannock, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, anxiously purses her lips.

Her eyes jump and she is quick to smile and laugh.

This is what someone looks like waiting to meet the person, a stranger, who she believes saved her life.

"I told my cousin last night that it's kind of like the night before Christmas, where you're so excited, but nervous at the same time and you can't sleep," Brannock told CNN's AC360 on Wednesday.

Brannock is about to meet Amanda North, a woman who took her hand and did not let go.


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June 5th, 2013
10:37 PM ET

Hero: I was meant to be there to help

Erika Brannock credits Amanda North with saving her life after the Boston bombings. The two women met for the first time since the attack on Tuesday. They were reunited with the help of AC360 viewers who saw Randi Kaye's report on Monday night and recognized North in a photo taken after the blasts.

In the confusion, they both heard each other's names incorrectly, and they lost track of each other when Erika was rushed to the hospital. "The last I saw of Erika, she was lying gravely wounded on a sidewalk in Boston. And there was a swarm of emergency responders trying to help her and carried her away," North says.

Brannock had her left leg amputated and endured 11 surgeries; she returned to her home in Maryland this week. The preschool teacher was desperate to find North, who was also injured. They are both grateful to be reconnected after weeks of being unable to find each other.

Anderson Cooper asked North about her heroic actions in the chaotic aftermath of the bombings. "I wish I could say it was conscious, but there was a person who needed my help, and it was the reason I was there. I felt that I was meant to be there, to help her, and thank God I did," she says.


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June 5th, 2013
10:31 PM ET

Michelle Obama has been heckled before

Author Jodi Kantor talks with Anderson Cooper about the first lady's reaction to a protester at a fundraising event on Tuesday, and how Mrs. Obama has handled hecklers in the past.

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June 5th, 2013
10:28 PM ET

Father: Sarah is so strong and positive

Anderson Cooper talks with the family of 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan, who is now one step closer to possibly receiving  lung transplant. Her parents are afraid their daughter, who has cystic fibrosis, could die in weeks if she doesn't receive  a transplant.

A federal judge in Philadlephia granted a 10-day restraining order blocking U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius from applying a policy that keeps children younger than 12 from being prioritized on the list for available adult lung transplants.

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June 5th, 2013
10:12 PM ET

Miss. River floods after levee breaches

CNN's Gary Tuchman reports from Alton, Illinois where there's extensive flooding and damage after two levees breached.

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June 5th, 2013
10:08 PM ET

Jeep manufacturer refuses safety recal

Chrysler disagrees with the NHTSA's findings that the gas tank design in some SUVs is unsafe. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.