May 29th, 2013
11:02 PM ET

Michele Bachmann's political legacy

John King and David Gergen discuss why Rep. Michele Bachmann won't run again in 2014 and how her legislative career will be remembered by her colleagues and constituents.

In a video statement, Bachmann said her decision has nothing to do with an ethics investigation into her presidential campaign or her concerns about not winning another election.

But King points out she won by fewer than 5,000 votes last time she ran. "The Republicans win today by having Michele Bachmann step aside," he says. "The leadership would prefer a different candidate."

Gergen says despite her thin legislative record, Bachmann had an enormous impact on the Tea Party movement. Regarding her strategy, Gergen believes she's smart not to run because losing would damage her career beyond no longer having a seat in Congress. " If she loses the election, she is no longer a political celebrity. And she loses her speech fees," he says.

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  1. Kevin

    What's her legacy? The legacy of craziness that defines the tea party movement. I can only hope that this marks a turning of the tide for the election of these people to public office. Had it not been for these people, we would not have had the biggest gridlock in the history of the US House of Representatives. 37 votes to overturn / weaken Obamacare yet pretty much nothing in the way of reasonably helping the economy and job growth. She and former governor Sarah Palin will go down in history as the nuttiest elected officials this generation has seen.

    June 1, 2013 at 6:39 am |