April 25th, 2013
11:22 PM ET

Paramedic saved little girl who lost leg

Anderson Cooper talks with Matt Patterson about his heroic actions after the Boston Marathon bombings. The firefighter and paramedic was off-duty the day of the attack and eating at a nearby restaurant. He rushed to the scene and amidst the chaos he saw a 7-year-old girl severely hurt and dazed. His full attention was focused on helping Jane Richard.

When Patterson saw most of her left leg was gone above the knee, he used a belt as a tourniquet to try to stop the rapid blood loss. He credits Michael Chase, a stranger who asked how he could help, with playing a crucial role in keeping Jane alive.

After they found a medic to transport her to the hospital, Patterson went back to help others, including Jane's 8-year-old brother. He administered CPR, but Martin Richard did not have a pulse and ultimately didn't survive. He is the youngest victim to die in the attack.

Patterson tells Anderson how his training and instincts kicked in during the pandemonium and enabled him to save a life. "You just happen to be in a really bad situation, but you were there, you were put there for a reason and you had the knowledge and you know, the guts or whatever you want to call it to run in there and make a difference," he said.

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  1. Albert Inclan

    Your story confirms by belief in fatalism...things always happen for a reason. That paramedic could have received his lifesaving training AFTER the Marathon instead of before it. A young life was saved thanks for not only the timing of his training but by him being where he was when it happened. Great story!

    April 26, 2013 at 1:25 am |