April 22nd, 2013
09:00 PM ET

Inside Boston manhunt's end game

Members of the SWAT team who apprehended Boston bombing suspect #2 from the boat he was hiding in spoke to Anderson Cooper in their first national interview. They provided extensive details on what happened during the tense standoff.

It’s important to note that the police officers from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority SWAT team insist they are not heroes and refuse to take credit for capturing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday night.  They say his arrest was a team effort involving several agencies.

“He was bleeding pretty bad,” Officer Saro Thompson told Anderson about the 19-year-old suspect.  While Officer Jeff Campbell told Anderson Tsarnaev was “weak” from the blood loss and wobbling.  The SWAT team says after they put the suspect in handcuffs, they didn’t know if the boat had explosives on board so they “all ran like hell” to get away from it.

Tsarnaev’s arrest capped off a tragic and terrifying week in Boston.  The twin bombings during Monday’s Boston Marathon turned “a beautiful day into chaotic hell,” said Officer Campbell.

The drama continued early Friday morning when members of the SWAT team were involved in a massive shootout with the bombing suspects, after they allegedly carjacked a man in Cambridge, which led to a car chase into Watertown.  “It was almost like we were in a movie… it was surreal,” Sgt. Detective Sean Reynolds told Anderson.  When the bullets stopped flying, bombing suspect #1,  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was dead. The 26-year-old was Dzhokhar’s brother.

MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard "Dick" Donohue was shot and severely injured during a gun battle with the suspects. If you'd like to help his family, you can find more information at http://www.officerricharddonohue.com/

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