April 13th, 2013
03:29 PM ET

Gay son of GOP lawmaker speaks out about family

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Matt R. Salmon says he has a loving relationship with his parents despite their opposition to same-sex marriage. Having a gay son did not change conservative Congressman Matt Salmon's views on the definition of marriage.

On Friday, the Republican National Committee re-affirmed its position that a marriage should be solely between one man and one woman. The vote came one month after the RNC released a report that called for the GOP to soften its tone on hot-button issues, including same-sex marriage, to appeal to younger voters.

Salmon says he was disappointed about the outcome of the vote. But in his own family, he has resolved to respect the differences of opinion on the issue.

"Our relationship has really grown stronger and I've watched as my dad has just really been a huge supporter of me. And yes, he doesn't support gay marriage, but that's no reason that I shouldn't love him, or just accept him for who he is," he says.


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