April 10th, 2013
10:24 PM ET

South Korea views Kim Jong Un as man-child

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned North Korea that it is "skating close to a dangerous line." Officials in South Korea have elevated their readiness level as they prepare for the possible missile test North Korea has threatened to launch.

Kyung Lah reports that people in South Korea believe Kim Jong Un could act between now and April 15, which is the 101st birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung. The general perception of the young new dictator is that he's not well liked by South Koreans. "The more this goes on, the more they just view him as an irresponsible man-child," says Lah.

Christiane Amanpour spoke with experts who say the belligerent rhetoric is business as usual from North Korea. The unknown factor in this instance is Kim, who is trying to impress his people by standing up to the United States.

"No amount of third-hand snippets from diplomats in Pyongyang is going to really stand in for what's vital. And that is some kind of knowledge from some kind of top U.S. envoy, not in the administration, maybe, but a top envoy who can go and talk to Kim Jong Un at some point," she says.

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